Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston Interview Reveal Whodunnit if Cast of Friends Became Suspects in a Murder Mystery

Mar 27, 2023

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston return as Nick and Audrey Spitz in Murder Mystery 2, a couple of private detectives who are struggling to get their agency off the ground. When they’re invited to celebrate the wedding of their friend, the Maharajah (Adeel Akhtar), on his private island, they jump at the chance to escape their mundane lives. However, things take a dark turn when the groom is kidnapped for ransom, and the Spitzes are once again thrown into a high-stakes case where everyone is a suspect.

Directed by Jeremy Garelick and featuring an all-star cast including Mark Strong, Mélanie Laurent, Jodie Turner-Smith, Enrique Arce, Kuhoo Verna, John Kani, and Dany Boon, Murder Mystery 2 is a thrilling ride full of twists and turns. Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Aniston and Sandler, where they reveal what it was like working together again, their favorite moments from filming, and ‘whodunnit’ if the cast of Friends suddenly became suspects in a murder mystery.

Exclusive MovieWeb Interview with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston


Nicki Sun: Hi, this is Nicki Sun from MovieWeb, and I’m so honored to be here with two of the most treasured and quite frankly, human beings on the planet— Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, it’s so great to see you both.

Adam Sandler: Aww, thanks Nicki.

Jennifer Aniston: Thank you.

Sun: It’s such an honor. This is your third film together, so I’m just gonna jump right in. Jen, what has been the most joyful part in working together on this film?

Jennifer Aniston Shares Favorite Parts of Working with Friend Adam Sandler

Aniston: Well, besides getting to work with my friend, who I love—and we have so much fun together—we also get to go to some really beautiful locations—

Sandler: Yes!

Aniston: Meet some fabulous other actors, cause we always have a wonderful ensemble—

Sandler: That’s true! Massive cast of good, new friends.

Aniston: Right? And we always have fun at work and off of work.

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Sandler: How about that night Jennifer and I took a walk in Paris together? We had a big meal with all of us.

Aniston: We walked like, how many miles?

Sandler: Yeah, long. A lot of steps. I liked having the steps on my phone tell me how many steps I took. But one night, Jennifer and I, and a bunch of us, had a nice dinner. We walked back to the hotel. It was like a few miles and man, that was a Paris night. And it was raining—

Aniston: Yeah, in the rain.

Sandler: Yup, we loved it.

Aniston: That’s right.

Sun: That is so romantic.

Sandler: It was very romantic.

Aniston: It was.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Recall Funny Moments When Filming Murder Mystery 2


Sun: Are there any behind-the-scenes stories or funny moments from filming that you can share with us, Adam?

Sandler: I can come up with one I remember— well, we had fun in the apartment when we were in our apartment, and then we were doing the scene where we lived together, and we were rolling around—Oh NO! When I would dive into the bed and roll on you—

Aniston: Oh, that was fun.

Sandler: And I caught your dress one time. I caught something.

Aniston: We had this big bed in the movie where it’s the biggest bed in the world.

Sandler: Yeah.

Aniston: And we’d get on, and we’d roll off of it.

Sandler: And we’d roll together.

Aniston: And Adam kept step—rolling onto me.

Sandler: Yes and didn’t you get up, and it loosened some of your clothes?

Aniston: You ripped my skirt. You took my skirt off.

Sandler: The skirt came off.

Aniston: Yeah.

Sandler: And Aniston ran around, skirtless—

Aniston: Well — (laughs) he took my skirt off.

Sandler: Wait…

We listened to a lot of music.

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Aniston: You did. I mean we did. Yes.

Sandler: No, but you would dance.

Aniston: Yes, Adam loves a boombox on set.

Sandler: Yeah. You crank some songs, Aniston dances, everyone goes nuts.

Sun: Oh my gosh. What was the number one song to dance to on set?

Sandler: Oh wow. Good one. Uh, what was, what was your—?

Aniston: [Expletive], I don’t remember.

Sandler: It really would change. It didn’t matter what song was on. If it had a thumping beat, Aniston would kick her shoes off—

Aniston: I did not.

Sandler: (starts dancing) Remember this one you would do?

Aniston: (laughs) When I’d squat really low?

Sandler: (laugh) Like The Fonz!

If the Cast of Friends Became Suspects in a Murder Mystery


Sun: Oh my gosh. Well, I’m gonna put your detective agency to work. Nick and Audrey Spitz: if the cast of Friends suddenly all became suspects —

Sandler: Ooo.

Sun: In a murder mystery—

Sandler: Yeah.

Sun: Who did it? And what would be the motive or a bizarre motive?

Sandler: It was Schwimmer.

Aniston: The monkey went missing.

Sandler: (laughs) The monkey’s missing.

Aniston: And who wanted that most of all?

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Sandler: I think, uh, without a doubt —Phoebe. Without a doubt!

Aniston: Why Phoebe? She loved the animal.

Sandler: Yeah, but she was just saying it.

Aniston: Yeah. Well, the duck, and then the chick, I don’t know.

Sandler: Yes.

Aniston: I think something really—something would have to go missing.

Sandler: Yeah.

Aniston: And then we’d have to figure out which one—

Sandler: It was the neighbor dude. It was Larry Hankin’s character. What was his—?

Aniston: Oh, that sweet guy. The upstairs, uh—

Sandler: Yeah, like he was ornery.

Aniston: What was his name? And then there was Ugly Naked Guy

Sandler: And naked guy. Yeah.

Aniston: I mean, he disappears. Yeah, I don’t know. We’re not great at this.

Where Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Want to Film Next


Sun: I know your murder mystery solving skills are great though. And you were talking about locations. Honestly, the locations where you have filmed have been spectacular. If you were to do a Murder Mystery 3, where would you wanna film next?

Sandler: We’ve been talking Greece. She’s been telling me let’s get to Greece quick. Uh, before—Yeah.

Aniston: Yeah, I don’t know. Yeah—

Sandler: Before Tom Hank sells his house. That’s what you were saying.

Aniston: No, we wanna go to Greece. Greece would be so fun. We’re figuring it out. We know there’s so many places to go.

Sandler: You know where it’s gonna end up being? Wherever Netflix says, ‘go there’ and we’ll be like, ‘yes, Netflix’.

Sun: Well, I am so excited for the audiences to see Murder Mystery 2. You both were fantastic—what a fun film! Thank you, it was an honor to talk to you both.

Aniston: Thank you so much.

Sandler: You too, you were very nice.

Murder Mystery 2 is available on Netflix on March 31st.

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