Back In Time Exhibition Review: Step Inside the Movies!

Mar 18, 2023

A Back to the Future museum pop-up display in London’s Camden Market has you stepping inside the franchise as you get up close and personal with some iconic props and costumes. Here’s our Back in Time Exhibition review.

More than 70 items are on display at the Back in Time Exhibition that was used by the cast and crew during the production of the three Back to the Future movies!
From Marty Mcfly’s radiation suit to an OUTATIME number plate from the infamous DeLorean there really is something for everyone and if that wasn’t enough.
They also have a full-sized DeLorean for photo opportunities!
Before this review begins I’d highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance as advance price tickets cost £16.80 whereas on the day the prices go up to £21 per person. Without further ado, let’s dive into this Back in Time Exhibition review! 

The exhibition located in Camden Market will run until March 31st so make sure to get your tickets immediately if you want to check it out before it’s gone for good!
We were gifted two tickets to bring you this review today but I also purchased a ticket on the day for a friend of mine and I felt the £21 on the day price was a just little too expensive for what you got.
Don’t get me wrong, the exhibition is wonderful, getting up close to some of the most iconic props and costumes from the franchise is an absolute joy for a movie nerd like me but I felt as though there maybe could have been more.

£16.80 felt like the perfect price point with various photo ops (free of charge) including the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance and a Hoverboard photo op. the props, the cinema showing the alternative ending and some behind-the-scenes content and the free-of-charge Wild Gunman arcade game that Marty plays in Back to the Future II. 
What left a little bit of a sour note was the £15 upcharge to have a photo in the driver’s seat of the full-sized DeLorean at the end of the experience. Paying nearly as much as it cost to enter the event to sit in the driver’s seat for a photo seemed VERY steep.
Naturally, people will pay for it but keep in mind the car itself wasn’t used in the films in any way shape or form. The DeLorean was a prize that Universal was giving away as a competition, it was a cash price or the car, the winner chose the cash and the car got stuck with Universal until it was purchased by an Italian company.

You’re just having a photo in a cool car, not the actual one used in any of the films. Just keep that in mind before parting with a rather steep £15. If this was between £7-£10 (at a push) I think it would be more reasonable. 
That small gripe aside I was in my absolute element. Seeing the self-lacing shoes up close and personal, the hoverboards from that infamous Back to the Future II chase sequence and even smaller pieces like hand-drawn Andrew Probert artwork from the movies was an absolute joy.

Most of the props within the exhibition come straight from US prop sale company Screen Used and all items had certificates of authenticity to accompany the items. There were also a few props within the collection that belonged to our very own UK-based Prop Store of London.
The very same Prop Store of London that used to sponsor our website so walking around and seeing some productions items that I also personally own at home with the same display framing etc was very cool indeed.

From production-used (backup) props to stunt props and even hero props (props you see on screen up close and personal) there’s a nice range of items from all three movies. I felt the range of costumes were few and far between as the props themselves took up the large majority of the collection but the costumes they did have were seminal pieces of the franchise.
A screen-used radiation suit, a screen-used Marty McFly futuristic drying jacket, Doc Brown’s shirt (production used) and even costumes worn by Lea Thompson.
It’s crazy how within that entire collection it’s a Crispin Glover autograph that caught my attention as one of the rarer items. After what I believe was a dispute over pay and difficult relationships on set Crispin Glover didn’t reprise his role as Marty McFly’s dad George in the subsequent movies. Well, not in person anyways.

In the scenes shot for the movies thereafter, actor Jeffrey Weissman impersonated Glover’s voice and wore prosthetics and a wig to resemble Glover. Recycled / unused footage from the 1985 film was also used to keep the continuity of the movies with Glover involved (kind of).
So one single autograph from Crispin Glover certainly caught my eye after knowing this somewhat troubled history of the actor with this particular movie. A movie he almost cast aside after shooting making any autographed Back to the Future items very, very rare indeed!
We managed to see everything in around an hour but there is quite a bit of empty space in such a large location. It’s clear the exhibit is a travelling one, it’s set up like one but at the same time, they could definitely expand on the interactivity within the museum.

For me, walking around the exhibition I just wished it had a more permanent location with theming and more immersion. I think that would be something very special but I know that touring exhibitions make more money and it was this portable aspect of its aesthetic that dampened the full experience for me. It felt very cobbled together but that certainly doesn’t take anything away from the items on display here.
Being surrounded by such cinematic treasures and seeing just how well maintained and looked after some of these items are really lovely to see. Some items made from styrofoam and latex were even temperature controlled so that they didn’t deteriorate under certain lighting/temperature conditions. Knowing the care that is going into preserving these pieces of cinema history is such a wonderful thing for a fan such as myself to see.

Once upon a time movie props and costumes would be thrown in a skip before someone at some point started to rescue these pieces of cinema history. They’re now considered art and whoever that person was, we thank you, as we can appreciate these items for many many years.
The Back in Time Exhibition is an absolute must-visit for Back to the Future fans. Step on a hoverboard and soar your way into cinema history and celebrate all things Back to the Future.
Check out the VLOG we shot from the Back In Time Exhibition below. 
P.s – Sorry about the guitar string. I guess you guys just weren’t ready for that yet… but your kids are gonna love it!
GREAT SCOTT it’s worth a visit! Just make sure to get your tickets in advance!
Grab your tickets today at

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