Betty Gilpin, Jai Courtney, and Dane DeHaan Among 11 Cast Members Added to Taylor Kitsch-Led Netflix Limited Series AMERICAN PRIMEVAL — GeekTyrant

Jan 31, 2023

Netflix has hired eleven new cast members to their upcoming limited series American Primeval, which is set to star Taylor Kitsch. He will be joined in the six-part limited series by Jai Courtney, Kyle Bradley Davis, Dane DeHaan, Betty Gilpin, Nick Hargrove, Derek Hinkey, Saura Lightfoot Leon, Preston Mota, Shawnee Pourier, Joe Tippett, and Shea Whigham.American Primeval is described as “a raw, adventurous exploration of the birth of the American West. The violent collisions of cultures, religions and communities as men and women fight and die for control of this new world – for a land they truly believe is their destiny. The ensemble tells a story of the sacrifice all must pay when they choose to enter a lawless and untamed wilderness.” As previously announced, Kitsch will play Isaac, said to be “a traumatized man struggling to overcome his demons and find a reason to live in this brutal and punishing world.”Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) is writing a producing the series, with Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Hancock) attached to executive produce and direct all episodes as the first project under his first-look deal with Netflix via Film 44. Check out the character descriptions below:Courtney (Kaleidoscope, Suicide Squad) will play Virgil Cutter, who is described as a “trapper and bounty hunter who sees opportunity in the naiveté of others.” Davis (American Horror Story, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) will play Tilly – one of Cutter’s trappers. The character is further described as “a nasty, dangerous man who doesn’t mind killing to get ahead and rather enjoys it when others fear him.”DeHaan (Oppenheimer, The Staircase) will play Jacob Pratt, “a Mormon leading his family across the frontier to join other settlers in Utah.” Gilpin (Gaslit, GLOW) will star as Sara Rowell, said to be “an extremely capable woman with an air of composure and grace that seems out of place in Fort Bridger as she seeks a guide across the frontier for her and her son, Devin (Mota).”Hargrove (Devotion) will play Cottrell, described as “a young man that helps out around Fort Bridger and serves as Jim Bridger’s (Whigham) right hand.” Hinkey (Walker Independence, Horizon) will play Red Feather, “the leader of a renegade group of Crow warriors known as the Wolf Clan.”Lightfoot Leon (Hoard, Masters of the Air) will play Abish, “a Mormon woman not content with being seen as the property of her husband, Jacob (DeHaan).” Mota (Asteroid City) will play Devin Rowell, descrbed as “a sensitive soul with a curious mind.” Pourier (Stranger Things, Dark Winds) will play Two Moons, said to be “a young girl who flees her village with a strong will and drive to survive at all costs.” Tippett (Mare of Easttown, The Morning Show) will play James Wolsey, “a Mormon man leading a militia of men who don’t possess the moral code they claim they do.” Finally, Whigham (Joker, Boardwalk Empire) will play Jim Bridger, “a grizzled realist but a decent man. Bridger runs his namesake Fort, a popular stopping point for settlers and trappers.”via: Variety

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