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Dec 17, 2022

It’s simple. Action movies are all about action. Everything else is secondary. Director/star James Clayton’s Bullet Proof has action in spades. Yes, it’s helpful that the story and acting are good, but let’s face it, we’re looking for fist fights, car chases, and military assault rifles. So, let’s do this!
Clayton stars as The Thief. As the film opens, he’s successfully stolen a large satchel full of cash from the feared mob boss, Temple (Vinnie Jones), from a junkyard and preparing to make his getaway. Unfortunately, Temple’s men are already at the junkyard looking for the cash, amongst other things. As The Thief attempts to drive off, he crashes into another car, trying to escape. With his car down, The Thief then steals the other vehicle, only to find out later that Temple’s pregnant wife, Mia (Lina Lecompte), is in the trunk.
The Thief now has two big problems on his hands. He’s not only stolen Temple’s money, but now The Thief’s asked to get Mia as far away from Temple as he can as she carries the heir to the Temple crime family. Soon, a massive bounty is placed on The Thief’s head, and every bounty hunter is looking for him and Mia, including the deadly killer known as The Frenchman (Janvier Katabarwa).
Bullet Proof is a return to the action films of old, and I love it. Everything is practical, with CGI only coming from blood splatter effects (forgivable). I’ve been using this word a lot regarding the return to simple stories of the past, and that word is “refreshing.” Nowadays, Big Hollywood action movies blur the line between live action and animation (e.g., The Fast and the Furious franchise). Yes, I understand movie magic. I know all that practical fighting, gunplay, and car chases are fake, but it’s “real” fake. It looks imperfectly natural, unlike its perfect CG counterparts.

“…not only stolen Temple’s money, but now The Thief’s asked to get Mia as far away from Temple as he can…”
The best thing about the film is that it strives to be nothing but an action movie. The opening sequence in the junkyard sets the violent tone immediately, with a spectacular establishing drone shot following The Thief. Then, after two quick executions, a foiled car escape, a barrage of bullets, and some hand-to-hand combat, we’re off to the races. Who knew the action potential that could come out of a junkyard?
Let’s face it. The story will always come second to action. The key is putting the right amount of effort into that story so that it doesn’t pull audiences out of an already over-the-top movie. Written by Cooper Bibaud and Danny Mac (from a story by Clayton), Bullet Proof may not be Shakespeare, but it does its job. Its story effectively strings the action set pieces together, establishes the heroes and villains, and makes life easy for no one. Jones anchors himself as the most feared mob boss, and mini-bosses Danny Mac as Temple’s right-hand man, Skinny, and Janvier Katabarwa are equally fearsome.
James Clayton’s portrayal of The Thief more than holds his own as the star and hero of the film. He’s the likable criminal who realizes there’s more to life than just money. The Thief is good at his job, and when pushed against the wall (which is always), he’ll always find his way out. He’s at the center of most of the action and proves to be the star he sets himself to be.
The best thing I can say about director/star James Clayton’s Bullet Proof is that he is a student of the genre. He understands what an action film should look and feel like. He gets how to inject his audience with enough adrenaline to get them to the end of his deadly adventure. The body count is high, and the bullets fly on this non-stop rollercoaster ride.
For more information about Bullet Proof, visit the Liongate official website.

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