Charlie Cox Has Just One Particular Comment About Daredevil: Born Again

Dec 22, 2022

The series will be the first MCU project featuring Cox’s Daredevil in a central role.

Charlie Cox has entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor first appeared as Daredevil in the titular Netflix show, which at the time, shared continuity with the MCU. However, after the character’s rights reverted to Marvel Studios, the feeling was introduced in the mainstream timeline through Spider-Man: No Way Home. The character then again appeared recently in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law in a more prominent appearance. Now, Cox is set to play a central role in his Disney+ show, Daredevil: Born Again.

The series will be an eighteen-episode event to establish a more thorough backdrop for Daredevil in the MCU. It’s yet to be seen whether the previous Netflix original will be canon to Daredevil: Born Again or not, but Cox is prepping hard for the show, which he believes will reboot the character.
In his conversation with GQ, Cox was asked if he is looking for anything new in his upcoming experience with Daredevil: Born Again. While Cox decided not to offer any detailed insight but gave a slight input that he thought he could use while playing Hell’s Kitchen devil again. He said,

I guess what I would say is: hopefully, on the Disney+ show, Born Again, we will be able to use—and I hope that we do it sparingly, I believe it should be used sparingly—but we’ll hopefully be able to use a tiny bit more CGI in the action sequences. Just to emphasize his gymnastic abilities that, have been basically impossible to do.

Cox’s insight is quite fascinating. Daredevil’s fight sequences were the series’ cynosure, and Cox gained positive response for his work on the show’s action. The hallway fight scenes are some of the finest action montages to witness. And it looks like Charlie Cox wants those scenes to be a better experience for the audience. Indeed, you can’t make all fight sequences aesthetic without throwing in some visual effects. Charlie Cox probably wants to make his grand MCU return more thrilling. Disney sure has the budget to add more VFX to the series, so Cox’s wish might come true.

Cox further explained the rationale for his input and gave a detailed example of what sequences he is referring to that can be elevated with the use of CGI. He added,

We can bookend it with these little moments. With the batons particularly, we could never really do anything in our show where Daredevil ricochets a baton off a wall and takes someone out because you can’t physically do that. It’s not safe and not possible…just these little moments would elevate scenes and be something that makes the show even more recognizable to the comics. That’s the stuff that happens almost episodically when you read the issues.

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Cox Wished the Added CGI to be Restricted and Occasional

While Charlie Cox suggested more CGI-based action sequences, he also said that he would not wish for those sequences to be overly stuffed with visual effects. He told GQ that he would like that the action pre-dominantly remains stunt-coordinated, and the CGI only comes into use to make it more visually satisfying.

It really should be sparingly. I don’t believe there should be complete action sequences that are almost all computer-generated. Most of it should be stunt-coordinated and done by a stunt performer and myself or the other actors in a similar fashion to what we did before.

Until now, we haven’t seen much action from Daredevil besides the Netflix continuity in the MCU. In She-Hulk, he did steal the show for some moments, but it remained Jen’s law show in the end. With Daredevil: Born Again, which stretches to eighteen episodes, the unraveling of Matt Murdock’s action heroics would have several layers to unravel.

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