Ella Purnell and Brett Gray Tease Gwyn and Dal’s Story in Star Trek: Prodigy

Dec 23, 2022

Star Trek: Prodigy returns to Paramount+ with its midseason premiere on Thursday, October 27, 2022. But before the new episode arrives for streaming, MovieWeb caught up with series stars Brett Gray (Captain Dal) and Ella Purnell (Gwyn) about what fans can expect from their characters when the new episodes start airing later this month.

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Starfleet Uniform Symbolizes Chosen Family


Right before Star Trek: Prodigy’s first season midseason break, the U.S.S. Protostar crew got to don Starfleet uniforms for the first time. Like any Star Trek series, the event of all putting on their uniforms for the first time shapes the relationship between the characters. “Putting the suit on solidified [their relationship],” says Gray about wearing Starfleet uniforms for the first time alongside his crew, particularly his first officer.
The decision to finally put on the Starfleet uniforms in the ninth episode, “A Moral Star, Part I,” symbolizes the young refugees’ acceptance of the Prime Directive principles and to ask the Federation for help. In addition, donning the Starfleet uniforms symbolize how far the refugees have come as members of a crew.

“They are a full team now,” Gray adds. “This is the moment where they become the team and the crew that they’ve always wanted. So I feel like this makes Dal take it a little more seriously, and really start to finesse, and learn to lead. And also, further his relationships with his crew, but also with Gwyn.”

“Always trying to get in there,” Purnell chimes in, and both actors laugh. “I think there’s something pretty cool and interesting about the fact that when you meet these characters, they can’t even speak the same language because they haven’t got their translators, and they are different species and different ages. Then, by this point, they’ve got this uniform that literally is a physical manifestation of them coming together and uniting and being a team and all of that stuff.”

After a disclaimer that she is “so bad about teasing” what fans can expect – “it’s all or nothing with me,” jokes Purnell – and that says she doesn’t want to tell “the whole plot” and spoil anything, the voice actress adds: “I think, for Gwyn, it’s about teamwork. It’s about really feeling like she’s part of a chosen family, and what it does emotionally is interesting.”

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Gwyn and Dal Continue Their Journeys of Self-Discovery


At the end of the midseason, Gwyn lost her memory of the Protostar crew’s escape from Tars Lamora. Speaking about the character’s journey after losing her memory, Purnell said, “It’s very emotional, it’s very frustrating. Obviously, we as an audience know what she does not. I mean, the writing is incredible; it’s not a one-and-done situation. It’s highly complex, and I think her relationship with Zero [Angus Imrie] is strained and there are lots of layers to it, but, zip [mimes zipping lips]. I’ve said too much!”

As for Dal, although viewers (and our captain himself) still hadn’t learned the secret of whom the character is before Prodigy’s midseason break, fans will find out before the end of the first season. “Well, it’s going to be a tumultuous [journey],” said Gray. “Also, he will find out where he comes from and who he is. That’s all I can say. He will find out, and he does get there, and vwoop [mimes zipping lips].”

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Ella Purnell Scores Tickets to Brett Gray Concert

Brett Gray/YouTube

The two actors also shared exceptional off-screen chemistry as well. When asked about the upcoming tour for his 2021 R&B album, Eleven Days and Then Some, Purnell chimed in to score some front row tickets to see her co-star on “The Wild Magnolia” tour.

“Because of the pandemic I wasn’t able to tour [the album], so I’m going on tour next month,” said Gray, before his co-star chimed in asking if she could come as well.

Purnell asked, “Can you get me tickets? Can I come?”

“Of course!,” answered Gray. “L.A. show! November 20th!”

“I’ll be there,” said Purnell. “I’ll be in the front row. I’ll have a t-shirt with your face on it.”

“Done. I can’t wait,” Gray responded. “But yeah, there will be new music coming next year, and old music if you haven’t tapped in.”

Star Trek: Prodigy’s midseason premiere will be released for streaming on Paramount+ on Thursday, October 27th, 2022.

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