Gossip Girl Cast Discuss Throuple Dynamics and Challenges in Season 2

Dec 25, 2022

[Editor’s note: The following contains some spoilers for Season 2 of Gossip Girl.]Developed by showrunner Josh Safran (a writer and executive producer on the original series), Season 2 of the HBO Max original series Gossip Girl has seen more drama, bigger scandals, and a lot more gossip. And while the idea of a throuple among the student body at a private school for the offspring of the wealthy and the super connected seems salacious, for teenagers Max (Thomas Doherty), Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind), and Aki (Evan Mock), it’s important that they put in the work, communicate, commit, and actually really care about each other.

During this interview with Collider, co-stars Doherty, Lind, and Mock talked about how Season 2 is building on what they established in the first season, the fun they have working together, how playing Max has helped Doherty expand his own awareness, what it was like to shoot the big party scene with Charli XCX, learning how to trust yourself and your partners, and that there’s definitely still more drama to come.

Collider: The first season of a TV series obviously sets up characters and relationships, and when you have as many characters as this show has, that could take some time. What did each of you guys enjoy about what was set up for your character and what you learned about them in Season 1, and how that really led into where they are now in Season 2?

EMILY ALYN LIND: Season 1 really set up all the characters. You got to know them pretty well. I feel like in any show, the first season can sometimes even feel a bit slower, just because you don’t know these people yet. You don’t know our characters. You don’t really know the backstory, and you don’t really care about them yet. This season, I feel like it’s different because, now that viewers know who we are, it’s easier to feel emotions when watching something happen to them. Our triad is now fully developed, and it’s real, so when something bad happens, it’s a lot harder for viewers to digest, or when something happy happens, it’s like, “Oh, my gosh, it’s so much more exciting.” The drama is getting so much thicker. This season is a lot speedier, a lot flashier, and a lot more like the original.

EVAN MOCK: Yeah, it’s easier to be attached to the character once you’re going onto the second season. The first season seems a little slow, and I think it just feels so much more natural now. We know each other more, personally, and we know our characters, as well. It just seems a little easier, as we continue to film together.


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I would imagine that when you work together in this way, you have to be open with each other, not just in shooting the more intimate scenes, but also just in being able to voice what you are and aren’t willing to do on camera. What have you guys learned from each other, by sharing this experience?

LIND: It makes it a lot easier that we’re really close, in real life, and the comedy aspect of our characters is a lot lighter. I feel like (creator) Josh [Safran] really wrote us so that the comedic tone of the show lands on our shoulders. That’s really easy for us because all we do is laugh, all the time. It’s so fun. But in the sense of the intimacy stuff, especially because I’m the only woman in this situation, I felt like really lucky to have these guys because it’s very vulnerable, as it is for them, as well. Especially being a younger person and also a woman, it was like, “Who am I gonna get? Who are the boys gonna be?” They could have been total assholes about this, but they weren’t. I felt like that was a really safe environment. So, thanks to them.

Thomas, what have you most enjoyed about finding the dynamics with these characters since this relationship has also helped your character grow a lot?

DOHERTY: Yeah, definitely. For me, personally, it’s really been a hugely educational, eye-opening process, playing Max. My awareness has definitely been greatly expanded with exposure to all different types of communities and preferences and identities that are within Max, and also surrounding him. Jumping into the triad with these two lovely humans, personally it’s been such a pleasure to work with people that are so easy and that I just get on with naturally, and can be honest and open with. As a result, I feel like that leads to what you see on screen.

For the character of Max, it’s hard jumping into a triad. It’s not very conventional. It’s a hard thing to juggle, especially when you’re 17 years old. It’s scary for him. It’s the first time that he’s had to be vulnerable. He’s not controlling what’s perceived of him. He has to be honest and truthful, and that’s very new territory for him. It’s scary, but it’s exciting. And then, it’s scary again, and then it’s enjoyable. It’s this whole amalgamation of different emotions.

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Evan, what was it like to shoot the big party scene, where you had Charli XCX performing, the three of you guys were trying to have this serious conversation about what your character has been secretive about, and yet she’s singing and there’s all these people dancing around? Is that one of those bizarre moments when you’re trying to be serious in a scene, and then there’s all of this other crazy stuff going on?

MOCK: It’s funny, obviously they edit it to where it looks like a party scene, but it’s completely silent, and we’re having a conversation where we could be whispering, and we’d hear each other. But then, they make it sound like we’re actually at a party, and there are loud noises and things going on. That was actually a fun one to film because Aki is an innocent, soft-hearted guy who always means well. He just wanted to make sure everyone was happy, and it finally came out that he had good intentions.

Emily, we see Audrey’s insecurities get the better of her a bit, when it comes to imagining what these guys are up to without her. Moving forward, are they just going to have to get better at communicating? Will that help them, moving forward, or is there more drama to come, in the remainder of the season?

LIND: One of the biggest fears for Aki and Audrey, when Max really wanted to come out to the world as a polyamorous throuple, and one of the insecurities was how people getting involved at all might ruin it. And then, you have something like Gossip Girl, where every little thing you do is picked apart, and you hear other people’s judgments. So, when Max and Aki were going to go on that trip, she’s initially fine with it, until other people’s judgments come in. Then, she starts to think, and she’s like, “Oh, my God!” That’s just what happens, in real life.

You can’t really listen to other people. You have to just trust yourself and trust your partners, and I think she realizes that. In the end, she realizes that she does trust them, and she wouldn’t be with them if she didn’t, but there is always that, in the back of her head. As we continue with the season, I think that everyone gets their fair shot at jealousy and confusion. You’ll see a lot of that. It’s a complicated thing.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be Gossip Girl.

LIND: Not without the gossip, and so many challenges.

Gossip Girl is available to stream at HBO Max.

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