Grab a New Xbox Series S for as Little as $240! — GeekTyrant

Feb 2, 2023

The Xbox Series S is a pretty awesome console. True, it’s not as powerful as the Series X and it doesn’t have an optical drive, but if you don’t need 4K gaming or physical media, it’s a great deal. I absolutely love my Series S! Normally, one of these consoles will cost you about $300, but right now, Microsoft is having a sale so you can grab one for $60. That’s right, the cost is currently $239.99 over on Xbox’s website (affiliate link). It comes with a controller and the cables you need to get started. The Series S is especially solid when paired with Xbox Game Pass (affiliate link) and if you can afford the Seagate Storage Expansion Card (affiliate link), you’ll be doing fantastic!If you’re open to paying an extra $10 or so, you can grab a Series S from Gamestop (affiliate link) for $249.99 new or $229.99 if you’re fine with a pre-owned console. No matter which sale you go for, you’ll want to hurry as there’s no word on when they are ending. Will this convince you to grab a Series S or is it still too weak for you?

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