How The Scream VI Trailer Introduces Fans to a New Ghostface

Jan 28, 2023

Spoiler Warning: Scream (2022)The trailer for Scream VI just dropped, and we’re here to break it down with all its Easter eggs and hidden details. The Scream franchise has been a staple of horror films since the first movie redefined the slasher genre in 1996. Now from this new trailer for Scream VI, it looks like Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are trying to remake the franchise again. Kevin Williamson thinks it’s great. There’s a whole shrine devoted to all the previous Ghostfaces, and legacy characters like Kirby and Gale are back to take on the killer again.

The Scream VI poster was released a few weeks ago, giving us a look back at all the previous Scream kills, and perhaps sliding in a few hints about the upcoming movie as well. All the surviving characters from Scream (2022) will be back including Jenna Ortega’s Tara and Melissa Barrera’s Sam, the latter of which sits with her name in big letters atop the Scream VI subway map kill list. With all roads leading to her, you wonder if Scream VI will connect all these murders and attempt to off the legend of Ghostface once and for all. There’s a lot to unpack in this trailer so let’s start with a question: what’s your favorite scary movie?

Ghostface Is Back

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The trailer opens with a wide shot of New York City. It’s the first time a Scream movie has been set in the Big Apple, and it’s going to add a bit of flavor to the movie. Sam and Tara Carpenter have been chased into a tiny bodega, and they run in, screaming at the shop owner for help. But, because this is New York, the guy waiting to buy something doesn’t care, and just tells the girls to get back in line.

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Then, Ghostface enters. Naturally, the guy in line still doesn’t care, and steps up to the killer, asking if he’s got a problem. And he becomes our first victim of the trailer. But New York isn’t done yet. The bodega owner whips out a shotgun and fires straight at the killer, but Ghostface proves that he’s the only person quick enough to bring a knife to a gunfight.

Next, Sam is confessing to someone that there is “a darkness” inside of her, that she has some kind of dark secret she’s been hiding, and it’s followed her here. She’s probably referring to the fact that her father, Billy Loomis, was the original Ghostface and that she’s haunted by the trauma of having to kill her ex in the previous movie.

As she holds a cracked and bloody Ghostface mask she says she’s certain that whatever this secret is will keep following her. That’s when we see Kirby has returned. She’s speaking to Gale, Sam, and Tara saying “We share a certain history,” referring to how they’ve all survived attacks from one or more Ghostfaces. Some fans are already picking her as the possible second killer in this movie.

A Shrine for Serial Killers

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Then, we see a big street mural of Ghostface underwritten with his iconic catchphrase, “What’s your favorite scary movie?” And we’re told that this Ghostface isn’t like the others. We see the main characters enter “a shrine” to all the previous killers, and here we have all the important movie memorabilia from all the past kills. There’s a bloody police uniform that could have belonged to just about any officer from the Woodsboro Police Department. The bloody sweatshirt next to it is from Olivia’s death in Scream 4. There’s a mask from the performance of Oedipus in Scream 2, and it’s pinned to the sunset piece where Derek was killed. The wide shot of the room reveals a dark museum, displaying mementos from almost all the great Ghostface kills, along with cloaks of every past Ghostface.

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To name a few of these treasures we have: the clipboard from the fictional movie-in-a-movie Stab, a drawing of Kirby, Jill’s plaid shirt from Scream 4, the frying pan that killed the bodyguard in Scream 3, the fax machine that made Tom Prinze wander into a gas leak, Debby’s suit, Billy’s bloody t-shirt, Stu Macher’s smoking jacket and the television that crushed him, Steve’s letter jacket from the very first kill of the franchise, Tatum’s outfit, Kenny Brown’s baseball cap, and a display case filled with Gale’s printed works.

As we watch Sam walk toward the center statue preserving her father’s Ghostface outfit, we hear Tara come up with the resolve to execute this movie’s killer. Then we watch Gale answer the phone for Ghostface to offer, in his familiar darkened tone, to play a game with her. Gale, of course, isn’t impressed, but as she turns around, we see Ghostface is already inside her apartment as he nabs someone out of frame. He throws the body through a glass bookcase and reveals himself with his iconic bloody knife wipe. As he stands there, underneath him on the shelf is a copy of Gale’s book Ghostface Returns. Gale tries to shoot him through a door, but things don’t go so well.

There are some more shots of possible victims, each in their own precarious situation either on the phone with the killer or suspended between windows on a shaky ladder. The final scene of the trailer is the one we saw in the teaser where Ghostfaces just show up all over the place on the subway. The poster teaser has a lot of hints about the upcoming film and fans are going wild for it. We can’t wait for Scream VI to come out on March 10.

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