‘I Think That’s What Goes On’

Jan 8, 2023

Home TV News Better Call Saul Star Reacts to Theory About Jimmy’s Future: ‘I Think That’s What Goes On’

What happens after the end of Better Call Saul is up to the fans to imagine, but Bob Odenkirk agrees with one particular theory.


The series finale of Better Call Saul brought some closure to the story of Saul Goodman, as Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) said farewell to his nefarious alter ego. By putting the conniving way of Saul behind him to become himself again, Jimmy was free of his demons, but it came at great cost. Owning up to this many criminal misdeeds resulted in a lengthy sentence in federal prison for Jimmy that would see him spend the next 86 years behind bars.

In the closing moments of the show, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) leaves the prison after posing as Jimmy’s lawyer to reunite with him one more time. It’s unclear if Kim will continue to see Jimmy after this day, or if this meeting was her way of saying goodbye, as the future is left by ambiguous by the writers. That, of course, opens the door for fans to come up with theories as to what happens next with these beloved characters.
In a new interview for Empire Magazine (per ScreenRant), Odenkirk was presented with the theory that Jimmy’s legal prowess coupled with his good behavior in prison will get him a reduced sentence. Better yet for him, it’s theorized that Kim would be right there waiting for him on the outside. Odenkirk says he agrees with this theory, feeling that this is what will happen to these characters. In any case, the actor feels that Jimmy is at a very good place with himself even if he has to stay in prison.

“I absolutely agree with you. I think that’s what goes on. And in a weird way, he’d have to count that as a very satisfying relationship to have had in his life. He traded his freedom for peace of mind and peace of heart, and I think that’s a fair trade, for sure.”

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Will Jimmy See Kim Again?


It’s possible that a continuation of the story could happen at some point in the future, and that could provide more answers about what becomes of Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler. At this time, no more spinoffs are in the works for the Breaking Bad franchise, but that doesn’t mean that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould couldn’t one day venture back down that road. After all, it was presumed that the story of Breaking Bad was over when the series ended in 2013, but Aaron Paul and other stars of the show returned in 2019 for the Netflix follow-up film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story. It’s entirely possible a Better Call Saul film could one day happen as well.

For now, the stars of the series are moving on. Odenkirk is sticking around at AMC as the star of the upcoming dramedy series Straight Man. He is also expected to return for a sequel to the action movie Nobody. Meanwhile, Seehorn will team back up with Gilligan for an untitled sci-fi series that’s in the works at Apple TV+. The show has already been picked up for two seasons.

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