It’s Like He Never Left

Apr 26, 2023

Kevin Hart is back in the UK for his first appearance in 4 years and it’s like he never left. Here’s our Kevin Hart Reality Check tour review.

The question that was on the UK audience’s lips was, could Kevin come back and deliver? It took about 60 seconds for Kevin to answer that question with a resounding yes.
After a few more movies under his belt since his last visit in 2018, the Reality Check tour is a fine return to form for Kevin in front of a UK audience but before I dive into Kevin’s show I want to give a big shoutout to the Plastic Cup Boyz as they absolutely smashed it in the warm-up show before Kevin took to the stage.
Joey Wells, Spank Horton and Na’im Lynn all had similar topics of conversation. Sex, women and growing older were all topics on the agenda but all delivered it in their own wonderful way. Joey certainly warmed the crowd up as he was commenting on the fact that the show was running 15 minutes late and then worked it into his whole act, if that was ad-libbed or not I’ll never know but that impressed me!
Spank Horton certainly focused his jokes on getting older, his humour was more dry in its delivery but I enjoyed it. I’d have enjoyed it even more if it wasn’t for two idiots on the front row talking throughout the entire set.

Na’im Lynn absolutely blew me away. How he delivered his lines and mixed them up with the perfect facial expressions and even threw in some self-deprecating humour I certainly warmed to his act more than the other two. They all smashed it in their own individual styles but I certainly gravitated towards Na’im and out of the three I’d certainly want to see his set longer, a real talent.
Kevin took to the stage and Manchester Arena was deafening with applause. The second he opened his mouth to deliver lines about cosmetic surgery he couldn’t even compose himself to deliver it. The whole crowd laughed with it, if you’re still laughing at your own jokes this deep into a tour then you know they’re funny!
Don’t worry little snowflakes, this show is for you too but that culture was touched upon by the previous three acts and Kevin just embellished on areas a little bit. As always Kevin spoke about his family and friends and experiences and it’s those relatable experiences that gravitate the audience to him. Everyone can relate to a situation that Kevin is discussing. We may not have the money or the fancy jets to go with it but we can all relate to that human interaction and human struggle.
Some absolute gold about a certain Denny’s news story, plastic surgery to improve height, his brothers imaginary dog and even a story about a black lives matter protest were key highlights for me. Crying into my arm hoping that Kevin doesn’t see me in pieces and make me laugh even more sort of crying.
We were front row, for my first-ever Kevin Hart gig. A man whose films I’ve been reviewing for y ears, a man whose stand-ups I’ve only seen on a screen that I’ve reviewed, audiobooks I’ve reviewed and now for the first time he was right in front of me. As close as you could get, the best seats in the damn house and I loved it!
What I loved, even more, was that there were no mobile phones in sight. Before you enter the arena you’re given a pouch to put your phone in and it’s locked. You can’t get into that bag no matter how hard you try (unless you have sharp scissors). For an entire evening, no phones going off, no one in front of you recording or distracting you with screens. You were present, in the moment and it was a beautiful thing to be a part of.

The only downside to that was that when exiting the arena there was only around 4 people with the devices needed to unlock the phone cases. Four people Vs 21,000 adults wanting their phones back is absolutely horrific planning! They need to sort that out immediately, people were ripping open their cases, taking the cases home and all sorts, it was mayhem!
Kevin’s strengths as a performer relate his audience to the material. He reenacts the scenes but rarely keeps his composure (he must be a joy to work with on set) and it makes the show even more endearing and hilarious. A story about a woman throwing faeces at a barista is a funny story on its own but it’s how Kevin steps into the shoes of the story and places us there right next to him. It’s a talent and it’s why the man is where he is today, acting and comedy blend with perfect timing (and sometimes composure although it was difficult) and it’s a joy to see it in person.
A whole audience laughed and for one evening we were one, all together, all family (except those two talking idiots next to me, they’re ex-communicado in my book).
Zero F**ks Given was a show Kevin did in lockdown in his home and those jokes whilst great treaded somewhat lightly and didn’t have the same effect as shows gone by in my opinion. Reality Checks certainly checks us back into the Kevin Hart we know and love. Don’t get me wrong, Zero F**ks Given was a great show but back in front of an audience (a big audience) is where Kevin thrives.

Reality Checks is not a celebration of comedy, it’s a celebration of family, friendship and togetherness and we’re all there as one enjoying the show. It really is like he never left.
I can die happy now I’ve finally seen the man in person and what a way to see him. Smack bang at the front. How did we get the tickets you ask? We used the presale link that Kevin adds to his official website and we managed to get them even earlier than the normal presale link.
If there’s one bad thing I’d say about the tour it’s that meet and greets aren’t included in the package. Paying £400+ in some cases for a tote bag, poster (unsigned) and some other goodies just isn’t worth it whatsoever. I really hope Kevin brings back meet and greet packages one day, that for me was the only disconnect Kevin had to his audience the entire time.
I’m sure there are many a reason why it didn’t happen on this UK tour and it’s a shame, it is what it is, but one day I do hope that changes.
Kevin Hart Reality Check tour review by Sean Evans
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