Jaskier May Have ‘More Than One’ Love Interest in The Witcher Season 3

Jan 7, 2023

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Batey teases exciting developments for Jaskier in the upcoming season of The Witcher, including multiple love interests and elements from the books.


The Witcher season 3 could be an exciting watch as we might get to see fan-favorite character Jaskier explore relationships. According to Joey Batey, the actor who plays Jaskier, there will definitely be a romance arc for his character by the end of the upcoming season. Fans were delighted to see the bard Jaskier make a reappearance in the newly released prequel, The Witcher: Blood Origin.

The Netflix series The Witcher is an adaptation of the Witcher novels and video games. It follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter who struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts. But when destiny hurtles him toward Ciri, a young princess with a dangerous secret, and Yennefer, a strong witch who becomes Geralt’s love interest, they must learn to navigate the increasingly volatile Continent together. Often accompanying them is a traveling bard Jaskier. The series explores themes of destiny, power, and the consequences of war, and features action, adventure, and magic. It has received praise for its strong acting performances, particularly from lead actor Henry Cavill as Geralt, and its visual effects.
In a recent interview with GamesRadar+, Joey Bate revealed that the new scripts for the upcoming season are “the best [they] have done so far”. He also revealed that they are aggregating tidbits from the books that fans are sure to love plus an exciting opportunity for Jaskier with more than one love interest;

For me when I first read the scripts, they were the best scripts that I think we’ve done so far. There are some things from the books that I think fans are going to really, really enjoy. And some really lovely key moments that are very epic. Jaskier also gets a little bit of a love interest – maybe more than one.
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Jaskier’s Journey in Blood Origin and Its Relation to Witcher Season 3


The Witcher: Blood Origin is a spinoff showing events that took place 1200 years before the main series. The first scene is set in the present time of the main Witcher series and shows Jaskier, a traveling bard, tied up on a battlefield as the Scoia’tael attack Redanian soldiers who have captured him. Jaskier has gained the favor of the Scoia’tael, who come to his aid at this moment of need, by becoming the Sandpiper and helping Elves escape Redanian tyranny.

As Redanian soldiers fall around him, Jaskier becomes a target for one of them, but just as he thinks his life is over, time suddenly stops, and a mysterious being intervenes to save him. This being, called Seanchaí, is a shape-shifter who can take on many forms and appears to Jaskier in the form of Minnie Driver. Seanchaí has a mission for Jaskier: to compose songs that inspire people to break their chains and face the dangers ahead by telling the story of the Seven, a group of warriors who defeated the tyrannical Golden Empire but caused the Conjunction of the Spheres in the process.

Jaskier does not reappear until the final episode. There, a seer reveals that a distant descendant of a pregnant woman’s baby will be the one to tell the story of the Seven before they witness the end of the Continent. This could be Jaskier, as he is a bard and the woman was also a musician. The story ends with the hint that the Continent may face destruction and Jaskier will witness it. Jaskier is then tasked with spreading the tale of the Seven to give hope to the Scoia’tael. While the danger facing the Continent in the upcoming third season of The Witcher remains unknown, its prequel suggests it may involve the Seven, the Golden Empire, and the Conjunction of the Spheres. The prequel emphasizes the cyclical nature of history and foreshadows events that will change the Continent.

The Witcher: Blood Origin is now streaming on Netflix.

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