Marvel Producer Praises MCU’s New Big Brains

Jan 12, 2023

While Marvel superheroes are brave, powerful, and capable of brutal action, some are also high on intellect and knowledge. At one point, it was Tony Stark, the man who started it all in the first place by designing the advanced exo-suits, calling himself Iron Man. Then came Bruce Banner, who rivaled Tony with his immense experience and research in radiation study. Besides them, there were also masters of wisdom, such as Captain America and Vision, whereas Doctor Strange turned an expert, though arrogant, surgeon.

But, all of them were mastered by a young girl from Wakanda, who, due to her command and expertise over Vibranium technology, could do things the likes of Bruce Banner thought were impossible.
Shuri, Princess of Wakanda, was able to revitalize Vibranium tech and develop almost everything, including weapons, defense system, healthcare, and whatnot. The Princess was the only one to figure out a way to detach Mind Stone from Vision. And most importantly, she was the one behind the Black Panther suit. And now she is to lead her nation in the aftermath of her brother’s demise.

But now, there is a rival to Shuri, a recruit with astonishing scientific abilities. Speaking to Gizmodo, producer Nate Moore said that Riri Williams would rival Shuri in intelligence and scientific expertise in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

We love the idea of a woman who is potentially as smart as Shuri but has such a different experience with that intelligence. And I think that made her kind of undeniable as part of the fabric of the movie.

Riri Williams is an American student who designs a suit inspired by that of Iron Man and dons the mantle of Ironheart. The character is introduced in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever before she continues her story in Disney+’s Ironheart. Wakanda Forever’s trailers have significantly featured her and have shown glimpses of her first suit. Having actress Dominique Thorne introduced before her own series will add additional value to her character arc as she perceives the world of Wakanda for the first time.

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Nate Moore Draws Comparisons Between Riri Williams & Killmonger

Marvel Studios

Nate Moore suggested that as an American person encountering Wakanda, Riri Williams will also have a perception of the nation as she processes the unique country. He further indicated that her experience would be in contrast to Killmonger, who took Wakanda’s ignorance of the rest of the world. However, Moore confirmed that both characters would be driven by their experience with loss. He said:

l think it was important to introduce her here because a couple of things… she’s a character, thematically, who has experienced loss in her path with her stepfather passing away. We love the idea of, of her as an African American woman in America, sort of encountering Wakanda. She has a different point of view than Killmonger, but there’s a similar notion of seeing something that maybe had been lost.

Riri Williams’ perception of Wakanda and her experience in the nation would probably not be shocking. At the time of Black Panther, Wakanda was secretly hidden from the world. But post the film’s events, King T’Challa decided to share the resources with the world. So, Riri, a science enthusiast, surely knows about the world’s most incredible place of inventions.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will deal with the consequences of its newest reveal, which will further get threatening after King T’Challa’s demise. With their protector gone and Namor resurfacing from Talokan, Wakanda will be in utter chaos, with Riri finding her place somewhere.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever releases on November 11, 2022. Riri Williams’ storyline will continue in Ironheart, slated to stream in 2023.

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