Michelle Ang on Omega Growing Up & Fighting Back in Season 2

Jan 5, 2023

The Bad Batch is back for a second season, reuniting Star Wars fans with the familiar world of animation following the anxiety-filled first season of Andor. With the return of the titular Bad Batch—Hunter, Wrecker, Echo, and Tech (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) and Omega (voiced by Michelle Ang)—The Bad Batch increases the stakes and moral dilemmas as the cast of characters venture into a galaxy that is growing increasingly dangerous for clones and anyone who finds themselves in the crosshairs of the Empire.

Ahead of the premiere, Collider caught up with Michelle Ang for a quick and fun 1-on-1 interview to discuss what Omega has been up to between Season 1 and Season 2, what she learns about herself and the Bad Batch in Season 2, and what kind of experiences that she would love to see Omega get a chance to explore, which she hasn’t yet experienced.

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COLLIDER: Between season one and season two we have a little bit of a time jump. What do you imagine that Omega has been doing over that time period?

MICHELLE ANG: Getting schooled a lot on how to hold an energy bow, because as delicious as that trailer was that got dropped for season two, we see that her skills have vastly improved. I think she’s been busy practicing skills that are useful for missions because she’s very comfortable in that zone when we meet her, and I think there’s this sort of acceptance from her brothers and also from herself that she has a value to add. I think in Season 2 you see she really relishes being in that danger zone. She considers it fun. The adrenaline, I think she’s probably normalized the adrenaline junk junkie sort of part of her, and she’s very much like “Give me the next adventure,” which is a good place to start off from.

Definitely. I’m curious to know what do you think is the most important thing that Omega learns, not just about herself but also the whole group? What is something that she’s taken away from the situations of Season 2?

ANG: Well, I think it was a little bit there in Season 1, and it gets developed more in Season 2, but this idea of free will and choice coupled with identity. I think Season 2 is a lot about understanding who she is as an individual, but also she becomes very strongly focused on her people, her brothers, how others in the Empire view clones. And I think she takes that and takes it on board quite strongly and wants to advocate for them as a race with rights. And, sorry, I’ve totally forgotten the question. What was the question? I’m sorry.

It was just about their source of growth and the things that they learn about themselves this season.

ANG: Well, I mean it’s that plus the fact that her family, her immediate family, she’s got really strong ideas of what family should feel like and look like and how they should sort of be. And I think the realities of being in this particular world and this particular universe means that sometimes that can’t play out as to how she as a young adolescent wants that to be. So, she has to deal with a more complicated … I guess she’s realizing that the way her idealism comes up against challenges, and she has to really figure out how to work through that.

Image via Disney+

My last question is, are there any experiences that she hasn’t got to experience yet that you would love to see her get to explore?

ANG: When she meets younger friends on her journeys, it’s always quite interesting because there are plenty of mentors that are older, more experienced. But getting meeting young Gungi for example, and the clear youth of Gungi but also his whole approach and his ability to send to himself, “That was really fun to play.” Also, I would love to… Oh there’s a couple of characters where she has a bit of competitiveness with. Seeing a competitive side of her with another child is quite fun. Obviously, her and Tech get competitive in a family sort of bickering kind of way. I don’t know, I’m really enjoying this sort of young adolescent place for her. I wouldn’t want to see her grow up too fast and have to deal with two adult sort of emotions yet. It was kind of nice to have just that at this point.

Catch up with Season 1 of The Bad Batch on Disney+ before diving into Season 2. Watch the trailer for Season 2 below:

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