Netflix’s Furies Cast & Character Guide

Mar 11, 2024

Premiering on March 1st, 2024, Furies is a Netflix Original action series that explores the criminal underworld in Paris. The story concerns Lyna Guerrab, a French woman out to avenge her father’s death who becomes entangled in a web of intrigue when she encounters The Fury, a peacekeeping organization overseeing the city’s safety. Created by Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave, the gritty crime series boasts a stellar international ensemble of actors who bring their characters to life.

In what begins as an intriguing story of assassination and revenge, Furies evolves as a character-driven depiction of France’s sordid criminality, where a secret subculture looms below the glitz and glamour of The City of Light. As Lyna attempts to avenge her father, The Fury tries to keep the peace among the six crime families that vie for control of Paris. For those interested in watching Furies, it’s time to meet the main cast of characters on the new Netflix series.

Furies Release Date March 1, 2024 Cast Lina El Arabi , Marina Foïs , Steve Tientcheu , Quentin Faure , Jeremy Nadeau , Sandor Funtek , Eye Haidara , Fatima Adoum

Lina El Arabi as Lyna Guerrab

French actress Lina El Arabi plays the protagonist Lyna Guerrab in Furies. Lyna is a French woman whose father is known as a corrupt banker in Paris. When her father is assassinated, Lyna vows to find the person responsible and serve them vengeful justice. During her relentless mission, Lyna becomes embroiled in a vast criminal conspiracy that endangers her life and sheds light on her family’s sordid past, bringing her into contact with The Fury.

El Arabi logged her first screen credit in 2012 and has since amassed nearly 20 credits. Her most prominent TV credits include Kaboul Kitchen, Philharmonia, and Family Business. El Arabi can also be seen in such movies as A Wedding, Besties, The Temple Woods Gang, Don’t Leave Me, and Eye on Juliet. El Arabi also has a pair of upcoming TV shows in the works, including Plaine Orientale.

Marina Fois as Selma

Played by Marina Fois in the must-watch French Netflix show, Selma is Lyna’s biological aunt and a member of The Fury. Furies are responsible for maintaining peace, balance, and order among the six rival crime families in Paris. When Lyna becomes imperiled in her quest to avenge her father’s death, Selma is one of the few people Lyna can trust. Selma provides vital information to Lyna regarding the criminal mores in Paris and the two cooperate to find the person who killed Lyna’s father.

Fois is an accomplished French actor who is best known for 22 Bullets, A Stormy Summer Night, Savages, Divorce French Style, Stella in Love, and more. Furies marks the longest TV character Fois has portrayed despite amassing over 80 career credits. Following Furies, Fois is set to star in the French film Je le jure.

Steve Tientcheu as The Fixer

Steve Tientcheu plays Le Fixeur (The Fixer) in Furies. Responsible for a range of duties, including tracking down international targets for The Fury, The Fixer does whatever is necessary to keep the organization afloat. In the third episode of the Netflix action series, The Fixer uncovers Lyna’s true identity and proves that the name she has given for herself is a lie.

With nearly 50 screen credits since his career commenced in 2011, Teintcheu can be seen in everything from Lupin, Your Honor, The Gravity and AKA to Les Misérables, Les Indesirables, Savages, Germinal, Robust, Copy Cat, and more. Tientcheu also has three upcoming projects, including the French crime series Karmapolice.

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Quentin Faure as Le Boueux

Played by French actor Quentin Faure, Le Boueux is a member of The Fury who is ordered to keep a close eye on Lyna as the story begins. Part personal assistant, part bodyguard, Le Boueux’s skepticism of Lyna’s true motive impedes her revenge campaign. As the story unfolds, Le Boueux’s loyalties are tested when more information about Lyna’s past comes into sharper focus.

Faure is a talented performer and composer who has spent most of his career on TV. Notable credits include The New Look, Les Indesirables, Borgia, An Ordinary Man, and Coeurs Noirs. On the big screen, Faure can be found in November, Little Vampire, The Take, Invisible, and Someone, Somewhere.

Jeremy Nadeau as Elie

Jeremy Nadeau plays Elie in the underrated Netflix crime series. In addition to being a Parisian police officer, Elie is Lyna’s boyfriend. While Elie supports Lyna in nearly everything she does, he refuses to help her find her father’s murderer and serve them ice-cold revenge. Torn between his love for Lyna and his duties as a law enforcer, Elie finds himself in a moral bind as the drama advances.

Nadeau is a French actor and writer best known for playing Jeremy in the French series Frere, which he created in 2020. Nadeau also shared the screen with Faure in Coerus Noirs and can be seen in such popular French movie and TV projects as Blablou, Profliage, Alors on Danse, The Cell, Lolywood, Les Villains, and more.

Sandor Funtek as Orso

Portrayed by Sandor Funtek, Orso becomes one of Lyna’s romantic interests after Elie begins to distance himself from her. Unlike Elie, who is obligated to his police duties, Orso is willing to help Lyna navigate Paris’ criminal network to locate her father’s killer. While the crime bosses in Paris order Orso to kill Lyna, his genuine feelings for her puts him in a precarious position.

After breaking out as Valentin in Blue is the Warmest Color, Funtek has become one of France’s premiere young actors in the past decade. Funtek can be seen in A Wedding, Russian Doll, Notre-Dame, The Story of My Wife, Margaux Hartmann, and more. Following Furies, Funtek can be seen in the upcoming movie Stranger.

Eye Haidara as Keita

Eye Haidara portrays Keita in Furies. Keita is a police chief in Paris who monitors the criminal activity in the city. While the politicians want to maintain a balance between the six crime lords, Keita wants to bring them all down and put them behind bars for their illegal activities. However, Keita is often met with resistance from her superiors and her quest for justice is complicated when she comes across Lyna in the thrilling Netflix crime show.

Haidara began her acting career in 2007 and shares several credits with her Furies costars. For example, Haidara has appeared in Your Honor and Someone, Somewhere. Haidara is also known for starring in C’est La Vie, The Book of Wonders, Kung-Fu Zhora, The Lost Prince, Take Me Home, and Not My Type.

Fatima Adoum as Amytis

Played by Fatima Adoum, Amytis is Lyna’s adoptive mother in the new Netflix series. When Lyna’s father is assassinated, Amytis is injured by collateral damage. As Amytis rests and recovers from her wounds, Lyna vows to ensure that Amytis’ injuries and her father’s death are not in vain. As one of the few trusted family members that Lyna can lean on, Amytis provides comfort and inspiration for the series lead.

Adoum is a superb French actor with an impressive filmography. While best known for playing Gypsy in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Adoum has starred in everything from Gaspar Noe’s Irreversible and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan to Hijack, Family Business, Hotel de la Plage, The Red Band Society, and more.

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Anne Azoulay as Mama

Anna Azoulay plays Mama in the stellar Netflix crime show. Mama is one of the six crime bosses in Paris. Mama runs an illegal sex-working ring in the city that becomes vital to Lyna’s revenge efforts. Once Lyna poses as a prostitute who works for Mama, she accesses seedy parts of Paris’ criminal underworld and gets closer to her father’s killer.

Azoulay is a decorated French actor, writer, and director who has built a solid resume since the mid-90s. Her prominent TV credits include The Bureau, The 7 Lives of Lea, Ad Vitam, Kepler(s), Criminal: France, and Kaboul Kitchen. Azoulay can also be seen in such recent movies as Remember to Blink, You Will Not Have My Hate, Black Box, and Hear Me Out.

Alex Brendemuhl as Parques

Spanish-born actor Alex Brendemuhl plays Parques in Furies. As one of the main antagonists, Parques leads a covert team of assassins in Paris. His mission is to eliminate Selma and replace her role as The Fury. Parques also chases Lyna down and tries to kill her to prevent her from taking Selma’s place. While ruthless and terrifying, things don’t end well for Parques in the show.

With over 125 screen credits, Brendemuhl is arguably the most experienced member of the Furies cast. Brendemuhl is famous for The German Doctor, From the Land of the Moon, The Diaries of Adam and Eve, and Staring at Strangers. Along with Furies, Brendemuhl can be seen in the new 2024 TV series The Red Queen.

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