Nicholas Braun Talks ‘Succession’ Season 4 and the Series Finale

Apr 9, 2023

The HBO series Succession is back for its fourth and final season, and the only sure thing when it comes to the Roy family is that there will be power plays, cutthroat moves made, and loyalty will be questioned. Fractured even deeper, after the events of Season 3 finale with siblings Shiv (Sarah Snook), Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) teaming up against their father Logan (Brian Cox), unaware that Shiv’s husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) had switched sides against them, it will be nail-biting to see how all the family drama plays out.

During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, Nicholas Braun (who plays Greg Hirsch, aka Cousin Greg, the grandson of Logan’s brother) talked about how Greg feels about where he’s at this season, the Disgusting Brothers, what Greg thinks of Tom and the decision he made to betray Shiv, which Roy sibling Greg felt the closest to, and what he thinks of the final season.
Collider: How does Greg feel about where he’s at this season?

NICHOLAS BRAUN: He’s feeling very confident. I think this is the most confident that Greg has been, in the entire series. He’s on the winning side. He’s on the side of the guy that screwed over the rest of the family. So, no hard feelings to the kids, but this is a good place for Greg to be. Tom is feeling good. Tom is free-ish from all that was going on with Shiv. They’re hitting the town. They’re poppin’ bottles, and they’re making out with models. It’s good times, making more money. So, it was nice to find a new dynamic and a new look, and just feel sharper as Greg. He’s still Greg. He still doesn’t know what he’s doing, ever, but it feels like he’s enjoying himself right now.

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How long will he live in that sphere of confidence? Will it be quickly shattered, or will he stay confident for a while?

BRAUN: Not for long. It never lasts long in this family, right? Anytime they start feeling good, they’re gonna get knocked down a few pegs.

We’ve learned that, while Tom and Greg have been spending time together, they’ve dubbed themselves the Disgusting Brothers. How would you say all of that came about, and are they really living up to that name? How into that is Greg versus him just feeling like he needs to talk himself up to Tom?

BRAUN: I would say disgusting is probably a reach. I don’t know a better word for it. It just shows you that they’re feeling a little crazy.

How do you think Greg feels about what Tom did? Yes, he came out on the winning side, so it gave him confidence, but how do you think Greg really feels about it?

BRAUN: I think it’s exciting. I don’t know. Greg has lost a bit of his morality. He used to be so pure. Now, he’s like, “Fuck yeah! Nice move, man. I’m behind you.” I think he’s feeling good. I think he respects it. Greg doesn’t particularly really like Shiv. It’s not like, “Oh, no, poor Shiv. Why’d you do that to Shiv? Why’d you do that to the siblings?” It’s like, “Hell yeah, man. Let’s do this. Let’s do some more shit to people. Let’s be disgusting. Let’s keep it going.”

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Is there one of the siblings that Greg does identify with the most, or that he might feel like he gets the best?

BRAUN: Yeah, I think Kendall and him have shared a lot of moments, especially in Season 3. Greg gave him the papers. He gave him the documents and trusted Kendall to do the right thing with those. He was ready to make a move with those papers, which he’d been blackmailing people with. He was ready to let Kendall lead the way there. Since the end of Season 1, when he was like, “You Machiavellian fuck,” at the castle, there was some kind of rapport there. They saw each other clearly. Not a lot of people see the ambitious side of Greg, and the more strategic side of Greg. He hides it a lot. But I think Kendall sees it. But then, Kendall burns him as well, in Season 3, so you can’t trust anybody. But there is some love there.

Without spoilers, how do you feel about the way that your storyline wraps up, at the end of this season? What was it like to just get that last script and read it?

BRAUN: It’s tough to put words to it because I don’t want anybody to read into it at all, but it was really exciting. Greg’s arc this year felt really fun to me. These are weird words, but it was exciting and fun. The only words I can give you are exciting and fun and very watchable. Greg’s arc is really watchable this season. You should quote me on that. You’re gonna really wanna watch Greg this year. Keep your eyes open, when you’re watching Greg’s scenes. That’s the most important thing. That’s a crazy spoiler, that he is in the show this season.

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Would you say that Greg is in a place that you would have chosen for him to end up? Does it feel like a suitable ending to his journey?

BRAUN: When you say suitable, he is in a suit, at the end of season. I think that tells you a lot. He is wearing a suit that day.

Has the way you felt about the finale, as a whole, when you read it and then shot it, changed now that you’ve had a little distance from it?

BRAUN: The thing I feel the most is that I just want people to see it because it’s so impressive. The writing of the show, the acting of the show, and where you think people’s characters will go, is not at all where they’ll go. There are tons of surprises and cruelty. It’s really vicious, a lot of what goes down. It’s some of the best stuff of the whole series. I’ve had a month away from set and the thing that I’m left with is that I just can’t wait to see what we made. Things are different. Everything’s different this season. I think they turned it all on its head. To put the siblings together is just super cool and super exciting. It’s what you’ve craved for a while, just getting them on the same page. It’s good. There’s some good warfare this year.

Succession airs on Sunday nights on HBO and is available to stream at HBO Max.

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