Noah Centineo & Laura Haddock on That Cliffhanger Finale

Dec 28, 2022

[This interview contains spoilers for the final episode of The Recruit]

The Recruit is Netflix’s latest action-packed series—and this time it comes with a twist. Owen Hendricks (Noah Centineo) is a kid straight out of law school, who finds himself thrown headfirst into the chaos of the CIA when he comes across a threatening letter from a former asset by the name of Max Meladze (Laura Haddock). When Max threatens to expose the agency and its assets unless they exonerate her of a serious crime, Owen gets entangled in her web of danger, and he quickly discovers that he’s completely out of his depth.

Ahead of the series premiere, Collider sat down to discuss The Recruit with its stars, Noah Centineo and Laura Haddock, who giddily revealed their most difficult stunts, their characters’ theme songs, and what their reaction was to that shocking cliffhanger—including Centineo’s off-the-cuff headcanon for where the story actually ends for Max and Owen. You can read the interview below or check it out in the player above.

COLLIDER: I’m curious to know, there are so many stunts in the series, which was the most difficult for both of you?

NOAH CENTINEO: Can I answer for you?


CENTINEO: I think it was the bathroom one.

HADDOCK: You are right.

CENTINEO: Yeah, because it was all day nonstop.

HADDOCK: It was all day nonstop, and it was a small space, and we were in that tiny little cubicle, and I had to get a guy’s head and put it in the toilet, but not bump him, make sure that he didn’t hurt himself every time.

CENTINEO: Yeah, yeah. Because he’s following your lead.

HADDOCK: Because he’s following my lead. So it’s a very strange thing for an actor to be in a situation where it’s like Max just wants to shove this head in the toilet. She doesn’t care if he’s hitting his head on the way down. She doesn’t care. But Laura is like, “Sorry, sorry.”

I must’ve bumped his head about five times. Bless him. He was a trouper. I think he did something to his knees, actually, that guy.

CENTINEO: While you were filming?


Image via Netflix

Well, now I’m hoping for bloopers of that because that sounds like that was fantastic.

CENTINEO: There are.

HADDOCK: That’s a good idea.

CENTINEO: We should get a blooper reel. We’re getting the thumbs up.

CENTINEO: There’s a lot.

Noah, for you, what was the most difficult stunt for you? Was it jumping into the water?

CENTINEO: That was so fun. I loved that. That was great. I’m a big fan of that moment. What was the most difficult?

HADDOCK: Oh, you hurt your back.

CENTINEO: Yeah, but I was just walking. It wasn’t even in a stunt. I leaned over and took a wonky step and my back was like, “You’re going to be laying down for three days, buddy.”

HADDOCK: That’s true. But then you did have to shoot a stunt the next day with that back.

CENTINEO: That was difficult. That’s true. Yeah. Yeah. I had to lay on the ground and pretend to be in a firefight. That was the last episode.

HADDOCK: That was tough for you, but you’re such a trouper. You did it over and over and over again. I can’t believe it.

CENTINEO: Thank you for that. The stunt double did 99% of the work over those three days. They were like, “Come in, we’re going to shoot your face real quick.” And [then] they were like, “You’re done. Go home.”

Image via Netflix

So I love the fact that when we first meet Owen, he’s listening to a Taylor Swift song. I’m a Swiftie, so that instantly won me over.

CENTINEO: You and 90% of the planet.

I know. I mean, those tickets sold out, so I’m confident there’s like millions and billions of us.

CENTINEO: Oh yeah, she was on everybody’s Spotify Wrapped. Everybody.

It was insane. But I’m so curious to know what would be Owen and Max’s theme songs individually. You can make something up if you want to.

HADDOCK: But no one’s going to know this. I was listening to this song loads. It’s called “Blood in the Cut.”

CENTINEO: Oh yeah.

HADDOCK: Do you know “Blood in the Cut?”

CENTINEO: Yeah, by Grandson.

HADDOCK: Yeah. It’s such an amazing song. And before I went to set every day I listened to that song.


HADDOCK: To get me into that.

CENTINEO: That’s really cool.

HADDOCK: What’s your song?

CENTINEO: What’s the song … Does anybody in the room know the song? “Picture this. I’m a piece of shit…” You guys know that song? Is it by Limp Bizkit? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Something by Run The Jewels, something by Killer Mike, maybe. I’m like you right now. I can’t think of the title.

HADDOCK: I know. I’m terrible at thinking of titles of songs. Sorry. I’ve given you my problem.

CENTINEO: It’s a good song. But “Blood in the Cut” is a great track.

Image via Netflix

That is a good song. I did want to ask Laura, I loved you in Downton Abbey: A New Era, and I was curious which is more challenging, a character that’s very reserved, or a character like Max that is so physical? Which is the more challenging type of role?

HADDOCK: I mean, they’re all challenging to a point, but comparing those two characters, I found Myrna in Downton more challenging. Not that I didn’t enjoy spending time with her, I love spending time with her, but I found that more challenging than I did Max. [With] Max, I love getting into the heads of crazy women. I’m like, “Take me there. Let me exist inside this crazy head for five months.” Yeah. Then it’s like, “Just get me out.”

CENTINEO: You’re a tourist. You’re just having a nice vacation.

HADDOCK: Funny way of thinking about it, that as an actor, you’re just a tourist, and you go in and you kind of take a look, and spend a bit of time with one museum and then move on.

I have a similar question for you, Noah. What was it like making that jump from rom-coms in All the Boys I Loved Before, and making this jump into action hero?

CENTINEO: Well, I mean, he’s not really an action hero. He is got no idea-

He wants to be.

CENTINEO: He doesn’t even want to be! He’s a lawyer. All he’s trying to be is an attorney. And the world that he lives in is such a dangerous one, that he finds himself in these impossible situations where he barely gets out alive by the skin of his teeth.

HADDOCK: I love that one when he’s in the car, and he is trying to get away from the baddies.

CENTINEO: [Laughs] And just smashes into the wall.

HADDOCK: He drives two seconds and then smashes the car, and the bag comes off in his face. It’s such good timing.

CENTINEO: It’s funny.

HADDOCK: It’s real funny stuff.

CENTINEO: It’s just enough time that you’re like, “Oh, okay. Yeah. Oh, doesn’t get away.”

HADDOCK: He’s locked the car and he can’t unlock the car. In Bond, they never lock the car. They just walk up to the car and they’re in, whereas Owen locks his car, gets out, unlocks it, gets in, puts his belt on.

CENTINEO: It’s ridiculous. You’re right.


CENTINEO: I think it’s just fun. It’s silly, and it’s a good way to enter this genre. It’s super fun.

HADDOCK: It’s really real.

Image via Netflix

So, the finale is such a shocking one. When you get to that final moment, I was like, “When is Season 2?” But I want to know when you got to that final page in the script, what were both of your reactions?

HADDOCK: I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to read it.

CENTINEO: Oh yeah.

HADDOCK: I was angry.

CENTINEO: You said, “Delete it.”

HADDOCK: “Delete that.”

CENTINEO: “Give us a new rewrite.”

HADDOCK: Yeah, exactly. “Oh, I must have received the wrong pages.” Yeah, no, I’m only joking. It’s whatever serves the character.

CENTINEO: That’s right.

HADDOCK: Yeah, whatever serves you.

CENTINEO: Yeah. It was a crazy cliffhanger. My God. And immediately, I was like, “Oh, I wonder what’s going to happen?”

HADDOCK: Where else could you take it? It feels like the perfect kind of … I mean, who knows what’s going to happen? We actually don’t know. So we read the end of the first [season], and anything could move or twist or change.

CENTINEO: I was like, “Is this a Game of Thrones situation, or is this deceiving?” You really don’t know.

HADDOCK: No, I guess we’ve got the facts in front of us, is that the show ends, and the credits come up and we don’t see Max move. But let’s see, you never know.

CENTINEO: You’re like, “A plus B equals C, but we don’t know.”

HADDOCK: We do not know. Right?

CENTINEO: No, because she gets shot in the chest and-

HADDOCK: People get back together all the time.

CENTINEO: Well, a lot of people have been shot in the chests.

HADDOCK: Do you think your relationship’s done? It’s not, you get back together.

CENTINEO: We’ll see. Maybe. Maybe. Who knows what’s going to happen? Right. What happens is Max survives, we get out of it, we leave, we start a family.

HADDOCK: You adopt my daughter.

CENTINEO: We move to the English countryside

HADDOCK: And everything’s really calm. And then we make The Holiday number two.


That’s my ending now. That’s how it ended, actually.

CENTINEO: We make The Holiday number two. It was great … No.

HADDOCK: I think we’ve gone mad. I think we need something to eat.

The Recruit premieres exclusively on Netflix on December 16.

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