One Piece Live-Action Team Say Season 2 Scripts Are Written, With Hopes of Premiering A Year After SAG Strike Ends

Sep 19, 2023


Netflix’s adaptation of One Piece is gearing up for an exciting second season, with scripts already prepared and waiting for production to resume after the ongoing strike. Despite uncertainties, there is hope that the new season could potentially premiere within 12-18 months from the strike resolution, according to Tomorrow Studios’ president, Becky Clements. With its initial success and positive reception, One Piece aims to expand its viewer base beyond manga and anime fans, focusing on attracting family viewership and cementing itself as a flagship offering for Tomorrow Studios.

In the bustling world of streaming services where riveting series often command the center stage, Netflix’s adaptation of the iconic manga series One Piece seems to be gearing up for another spectacular voyage. After a resounding success following its initial release, whispers in the industry suggest that the crew behind the series is well-prepared to embark on the next chapter, promising audiences an exhilarating journey through the high seas once more, albeit after a slight pause owing to ongoing production strikes.

The excitement bubbles just beneath the surface as Marty Adelstein, the head honcho of Tomorrow Studios, shared an optimistic glimpse into the future of the series with Variety. According to Adelstein, scripts for an exciting second season are not just in the works, but are actually ready to set sail. The CEO candidly remarked that the preparation has indeed been substantial, setting a firm foundation for the forthcoming installment. However, fans may have to harness their anticipation for a little while longer, as production can only resume once the current SAG-AFTRA strike comes to a conclusion.

Becky Clements, the president of Tomorrow Studios, echoed this sentiment with a hopeful projection that the project could potentially rekindle its fiery momentum as early as next year. While uncertainties linger, there’s a tangible aura of optimism that the new season could grace the screens somewhere between 12 and 18 months from the resolution of the strike. This timeline, while dependent on swift movements in the production process, is a realistic estimation according to Clements.

The maiden season introduced viewers to a vibrant and magical world, traversed by pirates and marines in their pursuit of control over the enigmatic Blue Sea. Centered around the youthful and aspiring pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy, portrayed by Iñaki Godoy, the tale unfurls his adventures in the East Blue Sea. As viewers watched him assemble a quirky crew of sailors, affectionately named the Straw Hat Pirates, anticipation burgeoned for the adventures that lay ahead in search of the legendary “one piece” treasure.

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One Piece: Breaching Boundaries and Setting Sail Towards Unprecedented Success on Netflix

Netflix has already heralded the initial success of One Piece, with an impressive debut on its weekly Top 10 list. Garnering a substantial viewership of 18.5 million in merely the first four days, the series appears to have struck a chord with fans globally. While official word on a second season remains in limbo, there’s an air of positivity, with indicators suggesting a favorable inclination towards renewal.

Despite the mammoth expectations that come with adapting a renowned manga, the stakeholders feel heartened by the initial reception. Adelstein emphasized the importance of expanding their viewer base beyond the existing fan community of the manga and anime. With a strategy that seems to focus on attracting family viewership, the series hopes to transcend its original fan base, fostering a wider appreciation for its narrative excellence and visual grandeur.

Reflecting on their journey so far, the team at Tomorrow Studios perceives One Piece as a potential crown jewel in their production portfolio, especially following the lukewarm reception to their previous venture, the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. As they anticipate feedback from Netflix, there seems to be an energetic drive to cultivate a long-term strategy that would cement One Piece as a recurring flagship offering.

In a market where streaming giants are in a continuous race for the next big sensation, One Piece is forging its own unique path. With its expansive narrative and dynamic character arcs, it certainly embodies the vivacity of a blockbuster cinematic experience, akin to a “$250 million tentpole movie,” as described by Adelstein. As the series navigates through both familiar and uncharted waters, its mission is clear – to capture the hearts of viewers globally, both the seasoned fans and the newcomers, promising a vibrant and magnetic odyssey in the world of television entertainment.

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