Palm Springs International ShortFest 2024 Lineup Features Unsettled, Alok

Jun 19, 2024

The Palm Springs International ShortFest has announced its programming lineup for this year’s festival, and it includes a new short film by Bella Thorne called “Unsettled” and Alex Hedison’s “Alok”.

The 30th annual festival will take place from June 18-24 at the Regal Palm Springs in Palm Springs, California. A total of 310 selected films will be screened out of over 6,300 submissions.

“Year after year, short filmmaking continues to gain recognition, reaching broader audiences and offering filmmakers a striking canvas from which to experiment, innovate, and explore the stories which make them dream,” artistic director of the Palm Springs International Film Society Lili Rodriguez said.

“Celebrating our 30th-anniversary, we have both the unique gift of looking back toward the creativity which has sprouted at ShortFest across its significant tenure, as well as the still rich environment from which to see emerging creatives grow. We are honored to share these captivating works with our loyal Palm Springs audience, and cannot wait to welcome these artists from around the globe once again to the Coachella Valley.”

Thorne’s “Unsettled” follows a man who is drugged at a gay club and abducted. He escapes and tries to bring his captors to justice in conservative Bible Belt Oklahoma. The film is one of many shorts and music videos that Thorne, an actress and singer known for The Duff and Midnight Sun, has directed following her 2019 directorial debut “Her & Him,” a short pornographic film that earned her a Pornhub Visionary award.

Hedison’s directorial debut “Alok”, which counts Jodie Foster among its executive producers, follows trans PhD scholar Alok Vaid-Menon.

Other notable short films in the lineup include “CAN” co-starring Mamoudou Athie; Fish Out of Water directed by Francesca Scorsese; “Holiday House” starring AnnaSophia Robb; “How Can I Help You” starring Thomasin McKenzie and directed by Eliza Scanlen; “ILY, BYE” starring Meg Stalter, Kanoa Goo, and Rainn Wilson; “Mog’s Christmas” voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy; “Speed Queen 51” starring Rory Culkin; “Tea” starring Michael Gandolfini, and “The One Note Man” starring Ian McKellen.

The full schedule will be released on June 5. Find out more on the festival’s website.

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See the Full Palm Springs International ShortFest 2024 Lineup Below


[S] (United Kingdom/Poland/Bulgaria), directed by Maria Radev (North American Premiere)

& yet here we are… (USA), directed by Andy Clay Huey

#DoudouChallenge (France), directed by Julie Majcher, Alexandra Delaunay-Fernandez, Sixtine Emerat, Marine Benabdallah-Crolais, Scott Pardailhé-Galabrun, and Noémie Segalowicz

A Crab in the Pool (Canada), directed by Alexandra Myotte and Jean-Sébastien Hamel

And Granny Would Dance (United Kingdom), directed by Maryam Mohajer (World Premiere)

Another Day: A Beautiful Chaos (USA), directed by Eugene Serebrennikov and Vicente Garcia Morillo (California Premiere)

Aphasia (Canada), directed by Marielle Dalpé

Beautiful Men (Belgium/France/Netherlands), directed by Nicolas Keppens (California Premiere)

Braided (USA/China), directed by Chenxi Zhang

Bug Diner (USA), directed by Phoebe Jane Hart

Drago (USA), directed by Daniel Zvereff (California Premiere)

Floaters (United Kingdom), directed by Mocong Yuan (California Premiere)

Flutz (USA), directed by Ryan McCown (California Premiere)

Great Canyon (USA), directed by Ella May Sahlman (California Premiere)

Happy New Year (Japan), directed by Saki Muramoto (North American Premiere)

He Ran Alongside His Comrade (Spain), directed by Genís Rigol (California Premiere)

La Perra (Colombia/France), directed by Carla Melo Gampert

LET’S PLAY PRETEND! (USA), directed by Sam Lane

Making it up (United Kingdom), directed by Alice Guymer (International Premiere)

Matta and Matto (Switzerland), directed by Bianca Caderas and Kerstin Zemp (California Premiere)

Mog’s Christmas (United Kingdom), directed by Robin Shaw

My Name is Edgar and I Have a Cow (Czech Republic/Slovakia), directed by Filip Diviak

On the 8th Day (France), directed by Agathe Sénéchal, Alicia Massez, Elise Debruyne, Flavie Carin, and Théo Duhautois

Paumo D’amour (France), directed by Ian Halley, Nathan Hermouet, Luka Croisez, Laurène Vaubourdolle, and Jade Van De Veire

Peeping Mom (France), directed by Francis Canitrot (California Premiere)

Roadkill Jamboree (USA), directed by Meghan Graham

Ruthless Blade (China), directed by Bo Zhang (California Premiere)

SHELLFISH (France), directed by Justine Aubert, Cassandra Bouton, Grégoire Callies, Maud Chesneau, Anna Danton, Loic Girault, Gatien Peyrude, and Justine Raux (California Premiere)

Symbiotic (USA), directed by Arianna Ahrabinejad

Tennis, Oranges (USA), directed by Sean Pecknold

The Car That Came Back From the Sea (Switzerland), directed by Jadwiga Kowalska (California Premiere)

The Feast (Chile), directed by Simon Bucher, Claudia Saldivia, and Amanda Rivera (California Premiere)

The Garden of Heart (Hungary/Slovakia), directed by Olivér Hegyi (California Premiere)

The Miracle (Belgium/Netherlands/France), directed by Nienke Deutz

The Tornado Outside (United Kingdom), directed by Maria Tomazou (California Premiere)

Wander to Wonder (Netherlands/France/Belgium/United Kingdom), directed by Nina Gantz


A Body Called Life (USA/Poland/Switzerland), directed by Spencer MacDonald

A Public Thing (USA), directed by Lauren Mahoney

ALOK (USA/South Africa), directed by Alex Hedison (California Premiere)

American Grail: A Quest for the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker (USA), directed by Andy Sarjahani (California Premiere)

Apt Mgr (USA), directed by Ian MacInnes (World Premiere)

ASCENDING: South Asian Artists at Coachella 2023 (USA), directed by Zoe Malhotra and Meghna Chakraborty

Been There (Switzerland), directed by Corina Schwingruber Ilić

Big Moves (Scotland), directed by Sarah Grant (U.S. Premiere)

Christmas, Every Day (USA), directed by Faye Tsakas (California Premiere)

CRISTO NEGRO (Canada/Panama), directed by Brendan Mills and Paul Stavropoulos (California Premiere)

Days of Hate (USA), directed by Oliver Shahery (California Premiere)

Dear Dad (South Korea/USA), directed by Noah Kim

Dreamcaster (USA), directed by William Maher

Echoes of Home: The Burundi Drummers (Murimigwa) of Kakuma (Kenya), directed by Peter Gitau (World Premiere)

Eileithyia (USA), directed by Dan Fromhart (California Premiere)

Esteban Cabeza de Baca’s Time Travels (USA), directed by César Martínez Barba

Frank (USA), directed by David Gauvey Herbert (California Premiere)

Hello Stranger (Canada), directed by Amélie Hardy (California Premiere)

I am the nature (Ecuador/USA/Brazil), directed by Taliesin Black-Brown

I Thought They Were Protected (USA), directed by Casey Kiernan (World Premiere)

Is this now the time I should let you go? (Taiwan/Finland/Belgium/Portugal), directed by Tsai Yi-Chin (California Premiere)

IT’S OKAY (USA), directed by David France (California Premiere)

Jardines (Mexico), directed by Alfredo Torres

Kowloon! (USA), directed by Mona Xia and Erin Ramirez

Leading the Way (USA), directed by Anndee Laskoe and David Ian Hughes (World Premiere)

Live From the Clouds (USA), directed by Mackie Mallison (California Premiere)

Madeleine (Canada), directed by Raquel Sancinetti (California Premiere)

Merman (USA), directed by Sterling Hampton IV

N3ymar (Germany), directed by Maximilian Bungarten (International Premiere)

Old Lesbians (USA), directed by Meghan McDonough

Outside Center (Canada/Germany), directed by Eli Jean Tahchi (U.S. Premiere)

Pamilya (United Kingdom), directed by Miles Blacket

REMEMBER, BROKEN CRAYONS COLOUR TOO (Switzerland), directed by Urša Kastelic and Shannet Clemmings (California Premiere)

Sangre Violenta / Sangre Violeta (USA/Mexico), directed by Edna Diaz and Arturo R. Jiménez (California Premiere)

Seat 31: Zooey Zephyr (USA), directed by Kimberly Reed

Stud Country (USA), directed by Lina Abascal and Alexandra Kern (California Premiere)

The Big Wait (Australia), directed by Yannick Jamey

The Ocean Is Closed on Mondays (Switzerland/USA), directed by Laura Gauch (World Premiere)

The Queen Vs. Texas (USA), directed by Emil Lozada and Raemonn James (California Premiere)

The School of Canine Massage (USA), directed by Emma D. Miller (California Premiere)

The Smallest Power (Iran), directed by Andy Sarjahani (California Premiere)

The Veiled City (United Kingdom), directed by Natalie Cubides-Brady (U.S. Premiere)

Then Comes The Body (USA/Nigeria), directed by Jacob Krupnick

We Did Not Consent (United Kingdom), directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard (U.S. Premiere)

We Exist in Memory (Brazil/USA), directed by Darian Woehr

Winding Path (USA), directed by Alexandra Lazarowich and Ross Kauffman (California Premiere)

Live Action

14 in February (Australia), directed by Victoria Singh-Thompson

A Bird Called Memory (Brazil/United Kingdom), directed by Leonardo Martinelli

A Day in the Life of a Female Frame (Netherlands), directed by Ilke Paddenburg (California Premiere)

A Joyful Process (USA), directed by Alex Goldberg (California Premiere)

A Study of Empathy (Denmark/Germany), directed by Hilke Rönnfeldt (California Premiere)

À toi les oreilles (Canada), directed by Alexandre Isabelle (California Premiere)

A Woman Is Many Things (Just Fine Isn’t One of Them) (USA), directed by Chase Musslewhite (World Premiere)

AFTER DARK (Norway), directed by Iain Forbes (World Premiere)

Agonist (USA), directed by Annie Marie Elliot (World Premiere)

All the Words on the Page (USA), directed by Hunter Gause (World Premiere)

Allégresse (Belgium), directed by Gillie Cinneri (California Premiere)

Angel & Perla (Argentina), directed by Jenni Merla, Denise Anzarut

ANGIE (Canada), directed by Anthony Coveney (California Premiere)

Any Sign At All (USA), directed by Faryl Amadeus (California Premiere)

Artwork (Spain), directed by Rafael Nieto (North American Premiere)

As It Was (Poland/Ukraine), directed by Anastasiia Solonevych and Damian Kocur (California Premiere)

Auganic (Canada), directed by Krit Komkrichwarakool (California Premiere)

Azi (USA), directed by Montana Mann (World Premiere)

Baby Brother (Germany), directed by Berthold Wahjudi (North American Premiere)

Backbone (USA), directed by Lucas Hames (World Premiere)

Bahamas (Belgium), directed by Maxime Bultot (International Premiere)

Basri and Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy (Indonesia), directed by Khozy Rizal

Beverly Heights (USA), directed by Alyssa Aldaz (World Premiere)

Bibi’s Dog is Dead (Canada), directed by Shervin Kermani (International Premiere)

Bita Joon (USA), directed by Sara Boutorabi (World Premiere)

Bloomed In The Water (USA), directed by Joanne Mony Park (California Premiere)

Blueberry (Sweden), directed by Emil Brulin, Hampus Hallberg (World Premiere)

Bogotá Story (Colombia/USA), directed by Esteban Pedraza

Boléro (France), directed by Nans Laborde-Jourdaà (California Premiere)

Border Hopper (USA/Argentina/Spain), directed by Nico Casavecchia

Bruno & Elena (Argentina/USA), directed by Javier Hirschler (World Premiere)

Bye Bye, Bowser (Austria), directed by Jasmin Baumgartner (California Premiere)

Calf (Ireland), directed by Jamie O’Rourke (California Premiere)

Caller Number Nine! (United Kingdom/USA), directed by Sandy Honig (California Premiere)

Camping in Paradise (Norway), directed by Eirik Tveiten (California Premiere)

CAN (USA), directed by Kailee McGee (California Premiere)

Chan is Fishing (USA), directed by Jacqueline Chan

Changing Rooms (France), directed by Violette Gitton (International Premiere)

Chickenshit (United Kingdom), directed by Ellie Rogers (California Premiere)

City of Dreamz (USA), directed by Imani Celeste (California Premiere)

Complications (Norway), directed by Ivar Aase (California Premiere)

Craftwork (Spain), directed by David Pérez Sañudo (California Premiere)

Cross My Heart and Hope To Die (Philippines), directed by Sam Manacsa (California Premiere)

Cry Me a River (Taiwan/India), directed by Suman Sen (World Premiere)

Deep in My Heart is a Song (USA), directed by Jonathan Pickett (California Premiere)

Deep Tish (USA), directed by Dave Paige

Don’t Leave Home! (Georgia/Estonia), directed by David Japaridze (International Premiere)

Doris (Ghana/USA), directed by Edem Dotse (California Premiere)

Dream Creep (USA), directed by Carlos A.F. Lopez

Dreams like paper boats (Haiti), directed by Samuel Suffren (California Premiere)

Ebb & Flow (Lebanon/Qatar/USA), directed by Nay Tabbara (California Premiere)

ECSTASY (Mexico/USA), directed by Carolina Costa

Embryo (USA), directed by Alex Russek (World Premiere)

ESSEX GIRLS (United Kingdom), directed by Yero Timi-Biu

Everything Goes Dark (USA), directed by Alex Casimir (California Premiere)

Fan Fiction (USA), directed by Ben Lederman

FÁR (Iceland), directed by Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter

Favourites (Australia), directed by Nick Russell

Favours (Sweden/France), directed by Agnes Skonare Karlsson (International Premiere)

Festival of Slaps (United Kingdom), directed by Abdou Cissé

Fidel (USA), directed by Luke Lace

First Night (USA), directed by Haneol (John) Lee (California Premiere)

Fish Out of Water (USA), directed by Francesca Scorsese (California Premiere)

Fishbowl (USA), directed by Isabel Perry, Adam Yates (World Premiere)

Five ways to get rid of a hickey (Chile), directed by Colectivo Niñita Perversa (California Premiere)

Francis Bacon (USA), directed by Darcy Cagen

French (Israel), directed by Dylan Joseph (World Premiere)

Gas Station Sushi (USA), directed by Chad Corhan (World Premiere)

Grace (USA), directed by Natalie Jasmine Harris (California Premiere)

Guts (USA), directed by Margaux Susi (California Premiere)

Hafekasi (Australia), directed by Annelise Hickey

Half of Nothing (USA), directed by Justin Aftab (World Premiere)

Happy Thanksgiving (USA), directed by ishkwaazhe Shane McSauby

Harpies (USA), directed by Molly Kirschenbaum

Hedgehog’s Dilemma (Poland), directed by Mateusz Rybiński (North American Premiere)

Holiday House (USA), directed by Alex Heller (California Premiere)

Hollywood (Austria), directed by Leni Gruber, Alex Reinberg (California Premiere)

Honeymoon (Greece/France/Cyprus), directed by Alkis Papastathopoulos (U.S. Premiere)

Honeywell (USA), directed by Jill V. Dae (World Premiere)

HOODIE (USA), directed by Renée Felice Smith, Chris Gabriel (World Premiere)

HOW CAN I HELP YOU (Australia), directed by Eliza Scanlen (International Premiere)

How Did I Get Here (USA), directed by Kate Hamilton (California Premiere)

I Can’t Be Sorry (USA), directed by Robert Machoian (California Premiere)

I Could Dom (USA), directed by Madison Hatfield (California Premiere)

I Don’t Care If the World Collapses (Egypt), directed by Karim Shaaban (California Premiere)

I Need It Yesterday (USA), directed by Chris W. Smith, Jack De Sena (California Premiere)

I’m Not a Robot (Netherlands/Belgium), directed by Victoria Warmerdam (California Premiere)

If I Die in America (USA), directed by Ward Kamel (California Premiere)

ILY, BYE (USA), directed by Taylor James

Imogene (USA), directed by Katie Blair (California Premiere)

In Our Own Way (USA), directed by Jason Headley (California Premiere)

In Silence Everything Roars (France), directed by Akaki Popkhadze (North American Premiere)

In the Absence of Fruits and Flowers (USA), directed by Kali Kahn (California Premiere)

Intergalactic Café (USA), directed by Mike Mitchell

Jane Austen’s Period Drama (USA), directed by Julia Aks and Steve Pinder

Jedo’s Dead (USA), directed by Sara Nimeh (California Premiere)

Jellyfish and Lobster (United Kingdom), directed by Yasmin Afifi (North American Premiere)

Ladies (USA), directed by Allison Bunce (World Premiere)

Lea Tupu’anga (Mother Tongue) (New Zealand), directed by Vea Mafile’o

Lemon Tree (USA), directed by Rachel Walden

Let (USA), directed by Alyssa Loh (California Premiere)

Lights in the Night Sky (Mexico), Octavio Daniel Carreño (North American Premiere)

Linda (United Kingdom), directed by Joe Lycett

Living Reality (USA), directed by Philip Thompson

Lode (United Kingdom), directed by Theo Watkins (International Premiere)

Loser (USA), directed by Colleen McGuinness (North American Premiere)

Lumen (Canada), directed by Stéphanie Bélanger (World Premiere)

Maison Blanche (France), directed by Camille Dumortier (North American Premiere)

MAKE ME A PIZZA (USA), directed by Talia Shea Levin (California Premiere)

Making Babies (Canada), directed by Eric K. Boulianne

Manting (China/USA), directed by Shuyao Chen (California Premiere)

Manual For a Divorce (Belgium), directed by Peter Ghesquière (North American Premiere)

Mar Mama (Palestine), directed by Majdi El Omari

Mara Has Three Jobs in San Juan, Puerto Rico (USA/Puerto Rico), directed by Ana Verde

ME OVER YOU (USA), directed by Efrain Flores

Ministry of Jingle (New Zealand), directed by Maddie Dai (North American Premiere)

Mis-Alignment (USA), directed by Pablo Riesgo Almonacid

Mother (Ukraine), directed by Mariia Felenko (California Premiere)

Motherland (Canada), directed by Jasmin Mozaffari (California Premiere)

Mothers & Monsters (Canada), directed by Edith Jorisch

Muna (United Kingdom), directed by Warda Mohamed

My Best Friend (USA/France), directed by Elina Street (California Premiere)

MY HEART IS GOING TO EXPLODE! (South Korea), directed by Jung Inhyuk (North American Premiere)

Nepotism, Baby! (USA), directed by Tij D’oyen (California Premiere)

Nomad (USA), directed by Lucas Chengze Li (World Premiere)

Nothing But Shadows (USA/Colombia), directed by Kathy Mitrani (U.S. Premiere)

Óbito (Spain), directed by Fernando Amador

Officer Stanley (USA), directed by Scottie Cameron

Order For Pickup (USA), directed by Jackie! Zhou

Oyu (France/Japan), directed by Atsushi Hirai (California Premiere)

Pairing (Australia), directed by Matthew Burns (International Premiere)

Palestine Islands (France/Palestine), directed by Nour Ben Salem and Julien Menanteau (California Premiere)

Paper (Canada), directed by Charles Wahl (World Premiere)

Paper Towels (USA), directed by Ethan Kuperberg (California Premiere)

Pathological (USA), directed by Alison Rich

PAVANE (France/Belgium), directed by Pauline Gay (North American Premiere)

Pigeons Are Dying, When the City Is On Fire (Greece/Netherlands), directed by Stavros Markoulakis

Places I’ve Called My Own (France/India), directed by Sushma Khadepaun

Places of Worship (USA), directed by Bridget Frances Harris (California Premiere)

Positive Reinforcement (USA), directed by Gustavo T. Astudillo (World Premiere)

Prelude (Finland), directed by Arman Zafari (North American Premiere)

Primetime Mother (Philippines/Singapore), directed by Sonny Calvento

Primos (Puerto Rico/USA), directed by Ricardo Varona

Pun Intended (USA/Hungary), directed by Jack Turits (North American Premiere)

Punta Salinas (Puerto Rico/USA), directed by María del Mar Rosario Ruiz

Quayle (USA), directed by Kyle Kenyon (California Premiere)

Queen Size (France), directed by Avril Besson (California Premiere)

RAPT (USA), directed by Margot Budzyna

RAT! (USA), directed by Neal Suresh Mulani (World Premiere)

Realness With a Twist (United Kingdom), directed by Cass Virdee

Recurrence (Iran), directed by Ali Alizadeh (North American Premiere)

Relationship to Patient (USA), directed by Caroline Creaghead

Robbie Ain’t Right No More (USA), directed by Kyle Perritt

Room Tone (USA), directed by Michael Gabriele

Sadness (USA), directed by Henry Jinings

Saigon Kiss (Vietnam/Germany/Australia), directed by Hồng Anh Nguyễn (North American Premiere)

Sarajin (USA), directed by Justin Kim WooSŏk (California Premiere)

Saturday Ritual (USA), directed by Sydne Horton (World Premiere)

Saving Art (United Kingdom), directed by Remi R.M. Moses (California Premiere)

Scapegoat (France), directed by Nicolas Séry (U.S. Premiere)

Schrödinger’s Brother (USA), directed by Elizabeth Perla (World Premiere)

Scorched Earth (Greece/United Kingdom), directed by Markela Kontaratou (North American Premiere)

Scrumpy (Ireland), directed by Dan Holmwood

Shadow (USA), directed by Max Clark (World Premiere)

SHÉ (SNAKE) (United Kingdom), directed by Renee Zhan (California Premiere)

Sheep and Wolves (Peru/USA/Chile), directed by Alex Fischman Cárdenas (North American Premiere)

Shellshock (France), directed by Rafi El Watik (International Premiere)

Shiny Island (Chile), directed by Pedro Fontaine (California Premiere)

SHOOK (USA), directed by Valentina von Klencke (World Premiere)

SIRENA (Dominican Republic/USA), directed by Olivia De Camps (California Premiere)

Slow Down The Fall (Germany), directed by Camille Tricaud and Franziska Unger (North American Premiere)

Smile, God Loves You. (USA), directed by Elexis Ray Goodwin (California Premiere)

Solid (USA), directed by Grace Gregory (World Premiere)

Special Delivery (USA), directed by Emily Everhard (World Premiere)

Speed Queen 51 (USA/France), directed by Sarah Nocquet (World Premiere)

Storm (USA), directed by Lena Tsodykovskaya

Such A Lovely Day (United Kingdom), directed by Simon Woods

Surprise! (USA), directed by Caroline Falls (California Premiere)

TAKEAWAY (Denmark), directed by Darshika Karunahara (World Premiere)

Talking Heads (United Kingdom), directed by Dario Attanasio, Dom Danielewicz

Tea (USA), directed by Blake Rice

Teen Girl Fantasy (Canada), directed by Marisa Hoicka (North American Premiere)

That Night (United Kingdom), directed by Emma Miranda Moore (World Premiere)

The Bullfighter (USA), directed by Giselle Bonilla

The cascade (Mexico), directed by Pablo Delgado (U.S. Premiere)

The Eighth Day (USA), directed by Jonah Weinstein (California Premiere)

The Experiment (France), directed by Aurélien Peilloux (International Premiere)

The Inescapable Desire of Roots (Singapore), directed by Mark Chua and Lam Li Shuen (North American Premiere)

The Influencer (USA), directed by Lael Rogers

The Masterpiece (Spain), directed by Álex Lora

The Nominees (Lithuania), directed by Birutė Kapustinskaitė (North American Premiere)

The One Note Man (United Kingdom), directed by George C. Siougas

The Rainbow Bridge (USA), directed by Dimitri Simakis

The Real Truth about the Fight (Croatia/Spain), directed by Andrea Slaviček (U.S. Premiere)

The Red Sea Makes Me Wanna Cry (Jordan/Germany), directed by Faris Alrjoob (California Premiere)

The Robbers (Austria), directed by Isa Schieche

The Self Tape (USA), directed by Michael Covino (World Premiere)

The Shell Covered Ox (Brazil/USA), directed by Daniel Barosa

The Talent (United Kingdom), directed by Thomas May Bailey (North American Premiere)

The Waves (France), directed by Charles Grammare (International Premiere)

Thomasville (USA), directed by Alex Woodruff (World Premiere)

Three (USA), directed by Amie Song (North American Premiere)

Tight (USA), directed by Jessica Barr (California Premiere)

Tragedy Babes (USA), directed by Christa Haley (World Premiere)

Transcending Harry (Switzerland), directed by Bruno Conti Wuilloud (North American Premiere)

Transylvanie (France), directed by Rodrigue Huar (California Premiere)

Trapped (USA), directed by Sam Cutler-Kreutz and David Cutler-Kreutz (California Premiere)

Two Women Make a Lunch Plan (USA), directed by Elizabeth Archer

Unibrow (Canada), directed by Nedda Sarshar

Unsettled (USA), directed by Bella Thorne (World Premiere)

Viaje de Negocios (Mexico), directed by Gerardo Coello Escalante

Vlog (USA), directed by Yvonne Strahovski (World Premiere)

Voice Ever (France), directed by Pauline Archange and Céline Perreard

Waterbirds (USA), directed by Hangcheng Xu (World Premiere)

Way out (Sweden), directed by Fredrik Rönnqvist (World Premiere)

We Met at Camp (USA), directed by MC Plaschke

What Do We Call This? (USA), directed by Anna Mikami (California Premiere)

What You Left in the Ditch (USA), directed by Tucker Bliss

When Winter Comes (USA/China), directed by Yuan Yuan (International Premiere)

Where Insects Hide at Night (Brazil/USA), directed by Lucas Acher (World Premiere)

Where We Stay (Netherlands), directed by Florence Bouvy (World Premiere)

Wildmen of the Greater Toronto Area (Canada), directed by Solmund MacPherson

Winter (Belgium/France), directed by Jean-Benoît Ugeux (North American Premiere)

Wrong Bathroom (USA), directed by Ragini Bhasin (World Premiere)

Xie Xie, Ollie (Canada), directed by James Michael Chiang (California Premiere)

Yaya (Chile), directed by Leticia Akel Escárate

Yeah The Boys (Australia), directed by Stefan Hunt (International Premiere)

You’re Invited to Tuscan’s 5th Birthday Party! (USA), directed by Lee Eddy (California Premiere)

Main Image: A still from Alok courtesy of Palm Springs International ShortFest

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