Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Sam Heughan Play a Twisted Round of Would You Rather

May 5, 2023

When love comes calling, or rather, texting, you answer. Or at least you do in Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan’s new romantic comedy, Love Again, in theaters now.

Like any good rom-com, Love Again finds two lonely hearts living in New York City, each nursing their own wounds. Chopra Jonas plays Mira, a children’s book author who’s coping with the loss of her boyfriend by texting his phone. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, Heughan’s Rob Burns, a music journalist tasked with writing a profile for legendary love songbird Celine Dion, finds himself cynical of love after his own partner leaves him at the altar. As fate would have it, Burns’ new work phone inherited the number of Mira’s boyfriend, and he’s now on the receiving end of her heartfelt texts. In the words of executive producer and co-star, Dion, the heart must go on.

In an interview with Chopra Jonas and Heughan, Collider’s Perri Nemiroff put the duo to the test with a round of filmmaking Would You Rather! Find out if they’d rather be a slasher movie killer or suffer a gnarly death scene, what they appreciate most about each other as scene partners, and why you have to stay for the Love Again end credits scene in the video interview above or in the full transcript below.

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COLLIDER: I used to play a filmmaking Would You Rather game all the time and I haven’t played it in a while, but your movie gives me an excuse to bring it back! I’ll give you a Would You Rather question and I want to know your answer and also why you would choose one or the other. I’ll go with an acting-specific one first; would you rather have to do 100 takes or only get one take in a scene?

SAM HEUGHAN: Oh, one take! Yes.

PRIYANKA CHOPRA JONAS: One take, any day! I would definitely not want 100 takes. I become a robot after the third one. My mouth starts moving in a horrible twitchy way.

HEUGHAN: You lose sense of what you’re saying, right?

CHOPRA JONAS: You lose magic!

HEUGHAN: And you lose magic, yeah. One take is a lot of pressure, especially action-y stuff.

CHOPRA JONAS: Yes, for sure. Definitely. A lot of pressure, but I would rather deal with the pressure because I come in strong anyway. I’m prepped when I come in. My first few takes are my best usually. So, oh my gosh, 100 takes? [Gasps] Nightmare.

HEUGHAN: One take, please. 100 takes? Oh my God.

CHOPRA JONAS: I just got anxiety. [Laughs]

HEUGHAN: Yeah, me too. I’m sweating a little!

Understandable! I’ll switch to a fun one; would you rather play the killer in a horror movie or get a really gnarly death scene?

HEUGHAN: Hm, I would rather be the killer.

CHOPRA JONAS: Well, if I had a mask on I would rather get a gnarly death.

HEUGHAN: No, but then you get to reveal the mask …

CHOPRA JONAS: Yeah, but then you’re filming for one day. Your stunt double or somebody does the rest of it.

HEUGHAN: Oh, really? You mean you don’t get to kill people?

CHOPRA JONAS: Yeah! You think the guy in Scream shot for 100 days? It could be anyone!

HEUGHAN: Oh my god, are you telling me that’s not the same person?

CHOPRA JONAS: It could be literally anyone.

HEUGHAN: It could have been you.

CHOPRA JONAS: It could have been me.

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But the whole point of a Scream movie is that you’re walking around in the flesh and you’re trying to convince your group of friends that you’re not the killer!

HEUGHAN: Exactly! Who was it? Was it you? Yeah, and you suspect all of them.

CHOPRA JONAS: Well maybe if it was Scream, then yes. But anything else, I think – that’s a hard one, man. That’s tough.

HEUGHAN: Have you died a lot?

CHOPRA JONAS: I have. I’ve had a few deaths. Have you?

HEUGHAN: Yeah, a few, yeah.

Well, now I need to know; can you each tell me your favorite death scene you’ve ever filmed?

CHOPRA JONAS: [Laughs] I had a dramatic one. I was killed in this Hindi movie called Agneepath right after I get married. He’s like a gangster and the villains come and they’re having a shootout, but I get shot, and I’m dressed as a bride and I have a melodramatic death.

HEUGHAN: Did you come back to life, or is that it?

CHOPRA JONAS: No, I literally died.

HEUGHAN: So, the movie is over for you.

CHOPRA JONAS: Yeah, it wasn’t a franchise [Laughs].

HEUGHAN: Oh, that’s a shame. I’m trying to think of mine. I can’t think of mine! I mean, I’ve been doing Outlander for 10 years, so he’s still alive. He’s come close to death a lot.

CHOPRA JONAS: Tell us a close-to-death one.

HEUGHAN: I did something many years ago where I was hung. That was kind of cool.

CHOPRA JONAS: So wait, how do you get that weight? I’ve never been hung. How do you get that [gestures dying]?

HEUGHAN: You practice at home. God, do not – disclaimer!

CHOPRA JONAS: Do not practice at home! Sam, don’t say such things!

HEUGHAN: Do not practice at home!

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We’re promoting a rom-com, and look how dark this got. It’s my fault! I’m obsessed with horror movies.

CHOPRA JONAS: What is happening? Somebody get this guy some juice! [Laughs]

HEUGHAN: Now I know that you’re the Scream killer.

You both need to be in either a Scream movie or I’ll throw out a Final Destination movie. They’re making another one and you get really cool death scenes in those!

HEUGHAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’d be cool.

CHOPRA JONAS: I have PTSD from Final Destination.

I’ll squeeze in my favorite Would You Rather question next. Would you rather have to fake vomit in a scene or fake sneeze in a scene?

HEUGHAN: I’ve done both.

CHOPRA JONAS: Fake sneeze is easier.

HEUGHAN: Do you know, I find fake vomiting – they sometimes give you soup or something you’re gonna throw up, even water – it kind of makes you want to throw up a bit.

CHOPRA JONAS: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Keeping it in your mouth is really disgusting, so I’d rather fake sneeze because [fake sneezes] I can do that really well.

HEUGHAN: Oh, that was good, yeah.

That is a good one.

CHOPRA JONAS: Thank you. [Laughs]

HEUGHAN: I think you had to in the movie, didn’t you? I don’t remember.

CHOPRA JONAS: I don’t know. But vomit’s gross because it gets cold in your mouth, or it’s staying in your mouth by the time the camera rolls, and it’s just not fun.

HEUGHAN: I’m feeling a bit nauseous now.

Good thing we’re ending this game! I am moving on to regular questions.

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I always love asking about the value of having a good scene partner, and it seems especially important when you’re making a romantic comedy like this. Can you each tell me about a time when the other was just the scene partner you needed and helped you crush a challenging scene or maybe access something in your own character that you wouldn’t have been able to reach without them?

CHOPRA JONAS: I think that for me, Sam is just extremely gracious, and he’s someone who – I ask a lot of questions, and I know this about myself. I ask a lot of questions, I have a lot of conversations when I’m doing a scene, and he’s just so wonderfully adaptive. Even if I have a bullshit, stupid idea, [he] will never make me feel that way while we’re working together, you know?

HEUGHAN: I don’t think you have any bad ideas.

CHOPRA JONAS: He’s just so good with bringing people together. When he’s on set, it’s always joyous and positive, and that’s so important to not have a toxic environment, and I’ve had many of those as well.

HEUGHAN: She’s such a good liar.

CHOPRA JONAS: His positivity …

HEUGHAN: Stop now! Okay, come on.

CHOPRA JONAS: You’re so bad at taking compliments! Just bask in it for a second.

HEUGHAN: No, listen, Priyanka.

CHOPRA JONAS: Now he has to give it back. That’s what he does. He can’t take compliments.

HEUGHAN: She turns up and she’s so strong and so caring for everyone on set, and, that’s the most important part of this movie is that we have this great chemistry and connection, and I think Priyanka was there in every scene giving as good as she gets, and she’s just such a joy to work with.

CHOPRA JONAS: That’s why we have chemistry because we like each other. [Laughs]

Now, I want you to give yourselves compliments. This is my new favorite overly sentimental question to ask because in this industry we give awards out to each other, and that is wonderful, but I feel like no one says good job to themselves nearly enough. Is there any particular scene, whether it’s in this movie or anything you’ve done in the past, that you can look back on and say to yourself, “Damn, I am proud of what I did there for me?”

HEUGHAN: For me? I’m going straight in there. So, go watch our movie, it’s out this week, and stay until the end, the end credits.

CHOPRA JONAS: Oh, yes! The end credits!

HEUGHAN: I mean, I’m telling you! But you were so good in that too.

CHOPRA JONAS: Yeah, but I had to reshoot mine. You did yours, one take, artist. But yeah, I think that’s a good one, you guys. There’s a surprise at the end of the movie.

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Sam, yours is especially well shot, too. Who filmed that for you?

HEUGHAN: Thank you very much, yeah. Did it all on my own back, you know.


HEUGHAN: I’m not giving anything away here.

CHOPRA JONAS: Yeah, let’s not tell everyone, but his was like shot by a professional drone or something. Whatever. Suck. [Laughs]

HEUGHAN: That’s where the budget went.

I’ll squeeze in one more question here. What is a new tool in your acting tool kit, so to speak, that you gained from this movie that you’re eager to apply to a future movie or show that you do?

CHOPRA JONAS: I cut bangs for this movie because, sorry but my character was a sad writer and I felt like sad writers, I don’t know — she needed bangs. [Laughs]

I’m not a sad writer! These are happy bangs! [Laughs]

CHOPRA JONAS: No, you’re not! [Laughs]

HEUGHAN: Oh, no!

CHOPRA JONAS: But you’re not a sad writer at all, and you’re happy and you’re joyous and you have bangs. I was clearly mistaken, but I loved my bangs. So that’s something, I don’t know if it’s in my acting toolkit or not, but I want to see if I want to cut my bangs again.

HEUGHAN: Bring back the bangs!

CHOPRA JONAS: I’m inspired looking at your bangs.

HEUGHAN: I love that you just insulted all our journalists. But I played a journalist, so there’s my insult there.

I’ll tell you, this interview went to corners that I never would have expected between the bangs conversation and the horror movie conversation. We’ve covered everything! There’s nothing left for me right now! [Laughs]

Love Again is in theaters now.

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