Scare City Experience Review: Atmospheric and Immersive

Dec 18, 2022

Thanks to Park N Party for inviting us down to bring you this Scare City Experience review.

Located at Camelot Theme Park this Halloween is Scare City, a 2km trail as guests make their way through numerous themed zones, a city full of scares.
From Knightmare Alley down through the Forest of Fears and inside the castle itself the Scare City experience is an immersive and atmospheric event.
Last year saw us sit in our vehicles and drive around a set route but this time we’re walking through it and the immersion into this scare city exploration is amplified by audio, fog effects and creepy actors lurking around every corner.
Lights guide your path through this once vibrant and bustling theme park and with the incredible light show projected from start to finish the whole park looks absolutely beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

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The actor’s costumes are wonderful but being in an open outdoor environment there leaves little room for places to hide. Sadly, as we approached each area we saw actors hiding before jumping out and this always ruins the scary experience.
Some stood there in the mist as they arched towards us and some were completely still just waiting for their moment to strike.
The actors certainly made an effort to condense such a wide open space into a more intimidating affair when they’re up close and personal in your face, lurking behind you as you walk past and even following you for some distance before returning to their starting position.
A creepy clown area, a graveyard and a satanic ritual in the forest were three of my favourite scene highlights. Some of the set pieces mixed with the lighting were as picturesque as any Hollywood movie. The graveyard was beautifully done, I could have stayed in there all night!

On the website, it does say that this is a 2-hour experience and with an entertainment area halfway round it certainly would be a 2-hour experience if you stop off for food and drink but without stopping it’s about a 60-minute experience depending on how fast you walk.
One issue we did have was with batching, a common issue that arises at many scare events as we were meeting groups in front of us and we could see where the actors were coming from before we even reached the area. This ruined the surprise element that makes these events so wonderful.

Simply waiting a little longer before letting groups through would normally combat this issue but with it being outside and not everyone has the same level of fitness/walking pace I can imagine this issue being an ongoing reoccurrence.
I’d highly recommend wrapping up warm as you will be doing some walking but take a moment to stop and take some photos, there are some beautiful spots to grab some wonderful shots and even in our VLOG if you pause at the right moments there are some wonderful sights to behold.

Park N Party have taken their 2021 event to new heights and with a few more actors lurking in the shadows this could really be something special in the future with a few tweaks here and there.
Having actors interact with the props around them would also be a cool touch. Zombies rising from their graves in the graveyard, a crazy clown in the driving seat of the RV tooting his horn and certainly more actors were needed inside the castle scare maze.
Walking down a narrow path with mist around your feet as you look up to see 10 zombies all stuttering towards you. That would be intimidating for anyone. Just one heart-in-mouth moment where for one second it feels a little bit too real than the ‘event’ you signed up for.
The lighting changes in each zone were a nice touch, each new colour perfectly reflecting the madness and characters that lurked around the corner but some zones were certainly light on actors.
I imagine the more popular nights will warrant having more actors within the experience and that can only mean good things for this impressive event.

There’s still room for improvement, even room for expansion but for this beautifully lit and atmospheric walk through Camelot Theme Park it more than justifies the £20 per person price tag.
The food and drinks are certainly expensive with my mini greek chicken box costing £9.50 which I thought was crazy. Thankfully on this particular night, food and drink was free with our vouchers but that price normally is ridiculous. It’s theme park pricing when there’s not even a theme park there anymore!
Scare City is well worth a visit, it’s been done with care and attention and the room for expansion in the future is enough to whet any horror fan’s appetite.
Grab some photos, and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.
The Halloween scare season has well and truly arrived!
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