The Kardashians Season 2 Review: Indulge in Self Indulgence

Dec 16, 2022

I want to thank Disney for sending the content over for me to bring you The Kardashians Season 2 review.

Cameras return to capture the ever-changing lives of Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie. The family welcomes viewers back to stand with them through their biggest triumphs and struggles. From fiery romances and life changing milestones to unimaginable successes. The family bond remains unbreakable as they navigate their public and private lives for the world to see.
It’s safe to say that before this screener hit my inbox that I’d not seen one episode of The Kardashians before. Diving into season 2 of a show usually means you miss everything that has happened previous but The Kardashians series plays out like a live vlog series, you can drop in on any episode and immediately be caught up with the rough gist of what is going on.
With so much media attention and constant press around arguably one of America’s most famous families, I don’t need to watch one episode to know about Kayne and Kim’s divorce, or to know that Khloé is going through a breakup or that Kylie has recently had a baby.
It’s quite eye-opening to me that the second the first episode started I knew who everyone was and even new additions such as Pete Davidson and Travis Barker.
The Kardashians allow us mere mortals to indulge in their self-indulgence. 
Self-indulgence is never a bad thing, looking after yourself is just as important as looking after those around you. From fancy cars, houses and trips The Kardashians series is always that peek behind the curtain into how the other half lives.
A show that catapulted these girls to superstardom and what they have achieved outside of the show just has to be commended, not just one of them but all of them.
The Kardashians — “I have something to tell you…” – Episode 201 — As the Kardashians return for season two, Khloé reveals shocking news that will change the family forever. Khloé, shown. (Courtesy of Hulu)
Naturally, the first episode revolves around Khloe as she certainly has the most drama happening in her life right now and sadly that makes for good reality TV. Hats off to all of them for airing their public drama in this series vlog styling but The Kardashians elevates that YouTube vlog format to a very professional docuseries style format.
Nice cuts and fades, amazing drone shots of Los Angeles and some gorgeous editing makes The Kardashians an easy watch.
My brain was instantly enamoured by the beautiful cinematography and with the drama thrown in, not to mention the series cliffhangers per episode I can see exactly why this series is so popular. It’s binge-worthy and that’s coming from someone who has absolutely zero interest in these types of shows but I’m hooked.
It’s almost like a toned-down female version of Entourage but with more gossip and family values thrown in for good measure.
The first episode allows Khloe to tell her story after some bad press and she discusses her future with optimism yet you can clearly see that she’s hiding things, which is understandable, she’d rather bottle it up than let it out, that seems to be her persona.
In future episodes of the series, she actually gets a brain scan which reveals her emotions and it’s actually quite interesting to see how this scan can pick up on emotional areas of your brain rather than just a physical health scan.
A trip out with her mum Kris leads to a hilarious scene involving a weed store and some gummies which I think anyone would enjoy, it’s TV comedy gold but all in all, I rather enjoyed this series and I feel strange even typing that.
With Khloe’s drama, Kylie’s baby, Kim on life after Kanye and Kendall rocking a Milan fashion shows there’s plenty to watch and plenty to indulge in.
With media gossip swirling it seems as though the show is purposely set up to paint their side of the story at every opportunity and in a strange way that’s refreshing.
What the media says vs the actual reality of the situation is usually two very contrasting stories but The Kardashians series certainly opens the door to reveal the truth, or at least, a counter-argument to the ‘truth’.
After 8 episodes of the series, I’m currently starting to change my opinion on what I think about the girls with Kim coming across the worst during this series.
Khloe is clearly getting over some pain from the breakup and with the Blac Chyna court case there’s a lot of stress around the whole family but Khloe is always on hand to support Kris at any given opportunity. Yes, it’s head buried in her phone 99% of the conversations they have but the fact is, she’s still there and is there throughout a lot of these episodes for her mom.
Kim seems very self-involved in this particular run of episodes (or that’s how it has been shot/comes across) it’s always Kim’s way or no way and the Met Gala episodes are proof of this. As the episodes went on my liking for Kim slowly eroded away as she comes across in a very unsavoury manner.
Constantly congratulating herself for doing simple things like walking down a red carpet (come on) and then adamant she fit into Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress for the Met Gala when you can clearly see her ass hanging out the back. Her attitude when telling everyone to not touch the dress or even cough near it not realising that her squeezing into it is probably ruining the dress more than anyone else around her.
Kendall comes across as the most fun but sadly she and Kylie get almost zero airtime during this entire series. Kendall’s Met Gala scenes inside the sprinter van completely erase any preconceived notion that anyone should have of her, it’s genuinely hilarious and the most down-to-earth and realistic scene I’ve ever seen in The Kardashians. 
Kourtney is entirely in her own bubble for the whole series, completely on the outside and deflecting almost anything the press or public can throw at her as long as she’s with Travis. This forcefield comes up when they’re together and it just comes across as though it’s just them and only them in the world with everyone else around them just basking in their love. It’s actually quite great to see and I love how calm Travis is in every scene he’s in and this calm mentality certainly has had an effect on Kourtney. They’re both so laid back they may as well be horizontal!
The Kardashians season 2 review by Sean Evans

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