The Series Drops Brand New Trailer

Apr 9, 2023

Earlier this week, the Pokémon franchise said goodbye to its mascot of over twenty years. Ash and Pikachu took their final bow in the Pokémon anime, heading off into the sunset. But the Pokémon anime is not ending. Ash and Pikachu’s departure opens the gates for Pokémon Horizons: The Series and Nintendo has just released the trailer!

Pokémon Horizons: The Series will follow Liko and Roy, who set off on their journeys into the Pokémon world. Liko is partnered with Sprigatito, and judging by the clips in the trailer, it seems like their relationship has a rocky start, similar to that of Ash and Pikachu. Liko also possesses a mysterious pendant that seems to hold a special secret. Meanwhile, Roy appears to be partnered with Fuecoco. Roy possesses a mysterious Poké Ball that he hopes to uncover the mysteries of. The two come across Friede and his partner Pokémon, Captain Pikachu, and the group they lead called the Rising Volt Tacklers. The trailer gives us a look into the crew of the Rising Volt Tacklers and a few other colorful characters that will be greeted along the way!

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The Legacy of Ash

TXN (TV Tokyo)

The Pokémon anime premiered in Japan in April 1997. Based on the hit videogame franchise of the same name, trainers worldwide followed Ash Ketchum as he traveled throughout the Pokémon world. His one wish? To become a Pokémon Master! For twenty-five seasons, Ash traveled throughout the different regions featured in the game franchise’s various different installments. This doesn’t even count the numerous adventures in the twenty-three film installments. In November of last year, the big dream finally became a reality when Ash finally won the World Championship.

Throughout those 25 seasons, Ash’s English dub voice was provided by Veronica Taylor from seasons 1 – 8, with Sarah Natochenny taking the role over starting in season 9. When the final episode of Ash and Pikachu’s adventures aired this week, both actors went to Twitter to share their appreciation for the character and the fans. Taylor compared Ash’s final bow to Fred Astaire, while Natochenny gave a big thanks to Rica Matsumoto, Ash’s (Satoshi’s) original Japanese voice actress, who has been with the character since the first episode.

Even though Ash and Pikachu’s journey will no longer be followed, there’s still a good chance that this won’t be the last we see of the two. While the character has gone down in history as one of the most iconic fictional characters. Ash has been the subject of parody and homage in numerous other shows and properties, and he helped carry Pikachu to stardom as the franchise’s iconic mascot.

But with all that fame and all those adventures, there has been one major source of criticism for the character—his age. Even after over twenty years, Ash is still a fun-loving kid barely past the age of ten. This issue has become a bit of a meme online and the source of many fan theories. Perhaps Ash and Pikachu bowing out will allow them to re-appear later in the new series, but older and wiser both physically and mentally. After all, one of the big theories surrounding the new show is that Liko is Ash’s daughter.

Whether any of those theories are true, the possibilities are still there for Ash and Pikachu to make a return. But until then, the two have earned quite the retirement. As fans dry the tears for their old friend, many have already expressed excitement for the new team and their adventures. Will you tune in? Pokémon Horizons: The Series is coming later this year.

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