The Stars of Hello Tomorrow! Dish About Their Retro-Futuristic Show

Feb 16, 2023

A trippy, retro-futuristic show how about traveling salesmen hawking timeshares on the moon is an inventive premise for a series. At first glance, Apple TV+’s Hello Tomorrrow! looks and feels ambitious and is full of far-out eye candy that fills its alt-1950s universe.

The Morning Show’s Billy Crudup plays Jack here. He’s talented and ambitious, and boasts remarkable faith in a “brighter tomorrow,” all the while inspiring his coworkers and revitalizing the dreams of his desperate customers, even though it may leave them left with nothing.

Crudup, who also serves as executive producer on the show, has a full ensemble cast in Hello Tomorrow! There’s Emmy winner Hank Azaria (Brockmire, Ray Donovan), Haneefah Wood (Truth Be Told, One Day at a Time), Alison Pill (Them, The Newsroom), Dewshane Williams (The Umbrella Academy, In the Dark), Nicholas Podany (Harry Potter And The Cursed Child), Matthew Maher (Our Flag Means Death), and Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook, Animal Kingdom), chewing up scenery as only she knows how.

Hello Tomorrow! is co-created by Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen. Stephen Falk (You’re the Worst), Jonathan Entwistle (The End of the F***ing World), Bhalla, and Jansen serve as executive producers alongside Billy Crudup, Blake Griffin, Ryan Kalil, and Noah Weinstein. Azaria, Wood, and Williams share more about the futuristic tale with MovieWeb below.

Why Hank Azaria Said Yes to Hello Tomorrow!

In Hello Tomorrow!, the Brightside sales team led by Jack pushes the idea that dreams can come true—but on Earth. The affordable luxuries people really are looking for are on the moon, some 200,000 miles away from, well, all the things that weigh people down in life.

Azaria said he was immediately attracted to the role of Eddie, one of Jack’s salesmen. “I really love Billy Crudup and I wanted to work with him for a long time. This is one of the few jobs I heard about it and tried to hunt it down. I actively raised my hand said, ‘Can I please be in this?’ I was really happy when they let me in. My character [Eddie] is a gambling addict. And he’s really funny. But he’s in a lot of pain and wears it on his sleeve.

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“This is a really passionate character, and I haven’t played somebody like that in quite a while,” Azaria went on. “His comedy comes from edgy negativity, which I haven’t played in a while either. I really just enjoyed that.”

Pushing lunar timeshares is a curious twist. As the series moves toward its latter episodes, it’s clear most of the characters must come to terms with the truth.

“The series is showing conmen and that sort of suspense of, ‘Will they get caught? Will they pull it off? Or won’t they?’ On one level, the show feels almost like a caper,” Azaria explained. “Then, as it goes along, you start realizing, ‘Wait a minute, what are these folks saying about the American Dream?’

“What intrigues me most about the show is the line of truth versus hope,” he also noted. “Like, where does reality end? And we kind of need hope, even if it’s a delusion, and is that more important than facing reality sometimes? That’s kind of what Billy’s character is always selling and playing on the people. You’ll see in the show, it gets really interesting and complicated.”

The Show’s Deeper Message

Apple TV+

Like most series, there’s typically a deeper message involved. Anything that can effectively make viewers feel they’re not alone in the world, is a nice touch. To that end, Hello Tomorrow! attempts to say quite a bit about human beings and what we’re truly “searching” for.

“As far as the people are concerned, I believe the series shows that you’re always searching for something better, as opposed to being right here, right now, in the present,” explained Haneefah Wood, who plays Shirley, a Brightside salesperson. “Like whatever is out there is going to bring you more happiness, more love, more satisfaction. Whereas being here is where all the bad things in life are happening. And I think we play with that in the show. Like, is that true? Is what’s out there better than what’s right here right now?”

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Dewshane Williams plays Herb, one of Jack and Shirley’s coworkers. He quickly points out the futuristic look of the show and tech gadgetry found in the world in which these characters live. “There’s definitely also a look at the ramifications of technology, like the pros and cons of it. Obviously, integrating technology is great. In other instances, it can go the other way. I like how Hello Tomorrow! shows you that when you’re pursuing a dream, what are the sacrifices you have to make?”

From the retro sets and costumes to the quirky situations the characters get into in Hello Tomorrow!, there seems to be enough to savor and provoke thought.

“My hope is that viewers will see this is a fantastic show, and that we get to a season two because of it,” Wood mused. “I think that people will go on an absolute wild ride. I watched the entire series, and I’m still shocked that I had such an emotional response to the very last episode. I think the cliffhanger [at the end] is pretty brilliant. I also think people will relate to every single character because we all have our flaws and strengths, but we somehow work well together with it. There’s a lot to consider here.”

Hello Tomorrow! debuts on Apple TV+ on Feb. 17.

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