Tulleys Farm Halloween 2022 Review

Dec 20, 2022

Tulleys Farm Halloween is a staple event in any horror fan’s calendar as the farm turns into Tulleys Shocktober Fest Scream Park around this time of year and it’s one of the best scream parks in the entire country!

Europe’s largest scream park returned on September 30th as the venue celebrates 26 years of screams.
Consisting of incredible mazes, live music, great food and an immersive atmosphere this is one Halloween event unlike anything else that I have witnessed here in the UK.
With many scream parks / Halloween events up and down the country, you’d be lucky to have one food fan, a fire pit and a half-decent scare maze but Tulleys Shocktober Fest really is the full package.
From rides to a circus of horrors (included in your ticket) over 11 attractions to sink your teeth into not to mention live entertainment including bands and roaming actors around the park it’s a horror theme park and it’s absolutely huge!
Tulleys Farm is transformed into this immersive hellscape and the mazes are nothing short of incredible.
With a total of 9 mazes and a hayride, there is plenty to see and do and whilst one or two mazes may be quite similar in theming rest assured there is an insane amount of variety in the other selections.

From walking through a witch’s house to being taken to an Island where an experiment has gone wrong there really is a nice amount of variety. One minute you’re inside a penitentiary the next you’re inside a whole city that has been built for the brand new for 2022 maze Doom Town.
Doom Town is arguably one of the most detailed and immersive scare mazes I’ve ever experienced. A maze that catapulted me back to the 80s as you’re walking through this zombie-infested city, through Blockbuster video, walking through a Chinese restaurant overrun by zombies and even a quick pit-stop to a zombie-occupied hairdressers, this maze has it all!
Elecktrik Circus is the other brand new maze for 2022 and is a complete revamp of an older clown maze. Elecktrik Circus was my first maze of the evening and within seconds of entering presented my first jump scare.
I’ve done hundreds of scare mazes up and down the country and rarely do I even flinch inside them anymore. I know the tricks, I know the hiding spots and I’m always prepared. Well, I thought I was.
Tulleys had me jumping around like a fish out of water, my whole defences were down and I was vulnerable to every jump that was coming my way.
My immersion into the mazes was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I was inside that town, I was inside that penitentiary there was no thought in my head of this is just a maze, oh no, I was completely immersed and fully invested in what was happening.

From the incredible food and drinks on offer and great places to hang out (like this Horror themed bar above), it’s a complete home run for any horror fan. The food and drink pricing is what you would expect from a scream park but it was absolutely delicious, I highly recommend the noodles stand as it was ridiculously flavoursome and fresh.
Tulleys Farm Halloween events smash it year after year with rave reviews and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to attend my first one.
It certainly won’t be my last, the event was so good that I’m coming back at the end of the month just to experience it!
Check out our VLOG of the experience below:
Don’t miss out on one of the best scream parks in the UK and book your tickets today here –

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