Unique Mazes and Scares Galore

Dec 21, 2022

Screamfest Burton is one event that has evaded me every single season, whether its a scheduling conflict or something else entirely but 2022 was the year that I finally got to check out this local gem to bring you this Screamfest Burton 2022 review.

With a whole host of mazes to choose from Screamfest seems to step away from the usual zombies, haunted mansions and all the other generic maze themes and adds a twist on them all.
It’s not just a clown maze, it’s a clown rave. It’s not just a zombie maze, it’s a zombie zoo where zombies are kept as pets for our viewing pleasure. It’s really unique and certainly brought a breath of fresh air to the usually tired copy-and-paste line-ups that other scare events deliver.
One maze is themed around a child’s nightmare. Like how cool is that?!
Let’s dive into the mazes on offer at this year’s event.
I want to express a huge thank you to Screamfest for letting us film in the mazes. Sadly, we couldn’t film Insomnia in time as we only had 60 minutes to shoot everything but we hope it returns again next year so we can get the footage of what is arguably the best maze at the event.
Let’s dive into the mazes then shall we in this Screamfest Burton 2022 review!
“The Diced Heart pub hosts its last speed dating night in 2022. Professor Heart will find his soul mate this year. Just pray you’re not one of the rejected… It’s goodbye to one of our best-loved scare attractions… but it’s not going without a fight.”
Starting out in a grimey toilet the theming in Love Hurts is as beautiful as it is disgusting. Such meticulous detail and a maze that you could easily go through again and again without being bored.
Sadly the maze is in its 7th season and this looks to be the last time the maze will be running as it approaches its retirement. A real shame but I’m ever so glad I got to experience it as it’s certainly one of the best mazes in the midlands.
With gruesome scenes and full immersion into this underground sewer world, it was great fun even if we did get locked in the toilet opening sequence for 10 mins (the lock jammed).
It’s uncomfortable, it’s immersive, it’s well-themed and it deserves your attention IMMEDIATELY. 
“Come on down to the Zombee Zoo, the best day out in all the south! Have we got some sights for y’all. 0 accident free days this year.”
Hillbillies and zombies in cages it’s quite hilarious and scary at the same time. One minute you’re chatting to friendly hillbillies the next you’re seeing zombies dressed up as hot dogs clawing at the cage trying to break through.
It’s absolutely hilarious and is certainly a more family-friendly (sort of) maze where comedy takes centre stage over horror and genuine scares.
Don’t get me wrong you’ll still jump here and there but within seconds you’ll be laughing again in no time!
“Enter a child’s nightmare… What if her nightmare is real? What if she could drag you in to her dreams? What if you could not wake up?”
After not featuring in the 2021 line-up Insomnia returns and I’m ever so glad it did.
Trapped in a child’s nightmare this maze opens up like a story, with scenes you have to physically watch before the girl’s dream begins.
It really sets the scene and then you step into the absolute madness of the maze. Featuring incredible illusions, beautiful sets and colourful scenes this dream turned nightmare is a fully immersive and incredible experience.
There’s so much to take in and we’re so disappointed we couldn’t get the footage for this maze as at one point you’re walking down a Victorian street and it’s absolutely stunning!
“The Funhouse is not as abandoned as it looks…Freakout has risen from the ashes.” 
A clown maze with a twist as this clown-filled animatronics building has been overtaken by ravers and it’s an absolute blast!
Some beautiful use of UV paint and another maze that brings the comedy as well as the frights. Scares were a little lacking in many places throughout but it was a joy to walk through and experience.
It’s very fun indeed!
“Creed Farm provides fresh meat…of the highest quality. Come on down and experience the harvest for yourself.” 
Instantly separated at the start of the maze and plunged into darkness being chased by god knows what wearing night vision goggles is the deep-end beginning to this chainsaw-welding hell house.
An absolutely terrifying experience in such a simple corn maze but add some fire, some lighting and some crazy characters and you have one of the strongest and scariest mazes of the entire night.
Actors will make you run, they will chase you, they will stalk you, it’s genuinely wonderful and for the first time ever I actually ran out of a maze due to the sheer uncomfortable feeling that I received from the actors in the finale.
This was a special one indeed!
Screamfest Burton had a solid park atmosphere with roaming characters interacting with many guests and lots of places to sit down drink and eat food.
The mazes are unique and offer a nice twist on some usual favourites at scare events and the detailing is impressive.
The funfair housed some incredible rides and the whole event had a lovely park atmosphere.
Certainly not on the scare of other scream parks in the country but the mazes are long, and well designed and you can tell the creators have a real passion for stepping out of the box and trying new things.
It really is an event not to be missed and is a wonderful midlands gem. Screamfest appealed to us so much that we left Alton Towers Scarefest (very poor this year) and arrived as early as we could for this fright experience.
The independents always do it better and Screamfest Burton is absolutely no different.
We also highly recommend the fast track as the tickets allowed us to skip every single queue at the park and we were straight into a maze within 60 seconds no matter the queue lengh.
It’s absolutely worth the extra $$
Check out our VLOG to wrap up this Screamfest Burton 2022 review below:

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