VFX Artists Are Ready to Unionized to Fight Back

Mar 3, 2023

After a few conflicts that involved Marvel Studios’ working conditions, VFX artists want to unionize.

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After VFX artists in charge of Marvel Studios movies pointed out bad labor codes by the company last year, members from all over the world are ready to get together and form their own Hollywood union to prevent these conflicts from continuing.

A recent report from Vulture revealed that the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Workers associated with VFX artists examined their payment rate, working conditions, and long-term sustainability. According to Ben Speight, an organizer of the Animation Guild and advocate for VFX unionization, the results of the study were scandalous:

“Overwhelming… with the right strategy led by VFX workers themselves, in the next year, there could be an opportunity for a group to move forward, be successful, and establish their first union”.
The report also pointed out that Marvel artists were paid 20% less than the ones working in other studios. The magazine spoke to VFX artist Mark Patch, who was approached by the studio to work on a tv show. Besides the low payment, Patch didn’t like other conditions imposed by the company, such as the impossibility of talking about anything related to the job he was doing and for whom. Additionally, the working hours and the deadlines were extreme, which didn’t help the situation.

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Marvel Against VFX Artists

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A few months ago, around the summer of 2022, some VFX artists spoke out and shed light on a problem no one knew about. Still, it became a big deal as the extreme conditions they had to work under to make the successful blockbusters we enjoy on tv and in movie theaters arose.

With Marvel not only shining with its films but now developing an enormous amount of series destined to premiere on Disney+, the demand for productions grew. Where we used to be able to see 3 or 4 films during one year, now, Marvel Studios releases around 3 or 4 movies, plus 3 or 4 TV shows, which means double work behind the scenes, particularly for VFX departments.

But, as it was revealed by the artists back in 2022, the increase in the job load came with more hours, less time to rest, impossible deadlines, and putting quantity over quality, which has been a critical point for Marvel Studios in the last couple of years, even according to fans, that have been noticing a lack of quality in image and develop of their beloved stories and characters. So, for now, fans can only hope the conditions for VFX workers improve, resulting in a better experience at the theater as well.

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