Wakanda Forever Deleted Scene Positions Okoye as Wakanda’s Potential New Ruler

Apr 18, 2023

Ahead of the February streaming release of Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on Disney+, a new deleted scene from the film is making waves on the internet. Previous deleted scenes have widened the scope and meaning of the sequel, showcasing the Riri Williams/Shuri relationship building moment prior to their escape from Talokan City and an Everett Ross subplot after he infiltrated the NSA for Riri’s confiscated laptop. However, this latest clip provided by IGN hints at the internal power struggles at play following Queen Ramonda’s death with Border Tribe member Okoye (Danai Gurira) positioned as a new potential ruler for Wakanda.

The almost two-minute clip is titled “Daughter of the Border.” Okoye is most known as the highly skilled ex-General of the Dora Milaje — the elite all-female warrior group — and a fierce loyalist to the Wakandan throne. She is seen speaking with her uncle in a conversation that quickly turns into a daunting choice for the warrior in regard to Wakanda’s future leadership. The scene is set after Queen Ramonda’s death as “the elders draw straws to decide who gets the honor of being assassinated by Namor next.” The scene builds urgency for Wakanda to pick their next leader in the wake of Namor’s brutal assault on their nation.

Her uncle favors a traditionalist approach, stating that the Warrior Falls ritual should be invoked with Okoye coming forward to represent the Border Tribe in the challenge. Okoye’s masterful combat skills and the support she has from the people — as stated by her uncle — make her an excellent candidate to win the Warrior Falls ritual which establishes Wakanda’s throne lineage and Black Panther succession. Okoye is shocked by the proposition, rightfully questioning Shuri’s response as the throne’s heir apparent. The uncle’s last advice to Okoye is to lie low and take the mantle of Queen after the dust of war settles in their country.

All the bonus content — including deleted scenes, a gag reel, and commentary by Ryan Coogler, Robert Cole, and Autumn Durald Arkapaw — will be available upon the February 7 collection release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on Blu-Ray, 4K Ultra HD, and DVD.

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Daniel Kaluuya Could Make A Return as W’Kabi In Future MCU Installments

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Daniel Kaluuya played a hand in bringing exceptional films to life in 2022, which included his leading role in Jordan Peele’s extraterrestrial horror NOPE and his continued foray into producing with the satirical Black megachurch feature Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. However, the Academy Award-winning star was most notably absent from last year’s Black Panther sequel where he plays W’Kabi — the husband to Okoye and confidant to Chadwick Boseman’s King T’Challa — in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Last year, Kaluuya confirmed that his missing presence in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was due to scheduling conflicts with NOPE’s production, but felt that his absence was “what’s best for the story [and] the film.”

In the same interview with Variety last year, Kaluuya also coyly skirted around giving a direct answer when asked about his possible return to Marvel. “You know I can’t tell you! You’re supposed to start with that!” Kaluuya chuckled. Although the star didn’t confirm or deny his future involvement in the Black Panther series, the sequel provides Kaluuya the opportunity to reprise his role as the Border Tribe warrior.

After his treacherous actions in Black Panther, W’Kabi’s fate and the relationship with his wife Okoye remained unclear. During the emotionally-stirring moment between Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett) and Okoye after the Dora Milaje General lost Shuri, it was revealed that W’Kabi was in exile, most likely due to his actions in the prequel. Ramonda also emphasizes the luxury Okoye still possessed since she could go see her husband if she wanted. It was never confirmed whether Okoye had seen W’Kabi since his exile, which would’ve taken place after the events of Black Panther where he fought Okoye in the defense of Kilmonger’s claim to the throne. Given her fierce dedication and loyalty to T’Challa and the Wakandan throne, it’s highly unlikely. However, Ramonda’s statement creates a window for Kaluuya’s return as W’Kabi, although it may not be the friendliest of reunions.

For now, Kaluuya is content with watching the franchise’s continued growth from the outside.

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