Why Sing 2 on Netflix is a Great Kids Movie For Young Musicians

Dec 20, 2022

Sing 2 is the star-studded second installment of the popular musical franchise Sing. The plot of this movie follows Buster Moon, owner of the Moon Theater, as he takes his show to the big city. He dreams of making it “big” and performing on a massive stage. But after a talent scout denies him, he takes it into his own hands.

Buster sneaks into the audition and lies to get Jimmy Crystal to fund his production. He then must make his lie a reality, among all the other issues of a regular theater show he must manage. For a kids’ movie, Sing 2 surprisingly portrays the different art industries and some of their darker and harsher realities with accuracy. It’s the colorful cast of characters, though, which brightens the movie; the characters include the same cast from Sing, plus some new additions. There is a whole lot of talent for our characters to go up against and to learn from, making Sing 2 a great movie for music theater kids or budding musicians and singers.

Meena’s Struggle for Romance

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Sing 2 uses various intricacies in its plot to discuss the theater business and many issues inherent in acting. For the character of Meena, we see her struggle to pretend to be in love on stage with someone she doesn’t think of as a love interest. This involves the acting industry and provides valuable insight into the music industry. For someone just starting, you might not get to choose everything you do; perhaps they want a love song, and now you need to write one.

Johnny’s Dancing Struggles

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Johnny has to learn to dance for his role in the show and has no idea how to do so. He tried going about it the traditional way, with a well-known instructor, but the teaching style did not work for him. Finally, he finds his own instructor who teaches him to dance just as well, but in a way he understands.

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In the end, Johnny becomes just as good a dancer as the traditional instructor, though the instructor feels resentment towards Johnny for that. But this layers another aspect of any job: you won’t get along or like everyone, and not everyone will like you. All Johnny can do is prove himself. He doesn’t ask to be liked by the traditional instructor, but gains respect.

Rosita’s Fear of Heights

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We see Rosita overcoming a fear of heights, but someone else jumps into her role when she is unsure if she can do it. It is an actual aspect of the acting world that if you’re not willing to do something for a role, others will. When you go to audition for positions in theater or film, when you arrive, there will probably be a few handfuls of people who look like yourself that would fit the part.

For Rosita (played by a great Scarlett Johansson), someone else could do the role better because of her fear of flying on a wire in later scenes. Once she overcomes this, it puts her back in the top position. But, it drives a vital thought behind many acting careers, something all actors should think about. What are you not willing to do as an actor?

Buster’s Director’s Decisions

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In the situation with Rosita, as the director, Buster has to pick between a friend who is having issues with the role and the boss’ daughter who can perform the role decently, even if Buster prefers Rosita. Buster is put under a lot of pressure from his boss and his guilty conscience for even thinking of replacing Rosita.

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In the end, he decides to cast the boss’ daughter because it will keep him in favor of his producer and is safer for the show. Though in the end, Rosita takes back her leading part. But this shows the hierarchy in show business, just like any business, and if you know someone or have a connection, you are more likely to get an audition or something similar.

Calloway’s Insight into Famous Lifestyles

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In Ash’s story with Calloway, she sees the effect of being famous to an extent. When he lost his wife, he wanted to be left alone, but he was so renowned that he had to hide far away from the public to be alone. This shows an aspect of the music industry — fame in all its senses might not be all it’s cracked up to be, and the media spotlight continues to shine no matter the tragedy.

Inspiration of the Success Story

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But with all these struggles of the stage, music, and acting, the young viewers also see one crucial detail — success. They see Buster and crew risk it all for their shoot in the big city. They see Rosita overcome her fear, saving Buster at the show’s end. They see Meena use acting strategies to put on a fantastic performance. They see Johnny learning a new skill, despite being intimidated, by doing it his way. And they see Buster and Nanna with pride on their faces as she arrives at his big performance. Sing 2 truly weaves together multiple stories about show business in a way that can teach and inspire young, burgeoning theater kids.

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