Why the Film Is the Perfect Return for Johnny Depp

May 27, 2023

Thanks to his legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard, it has been about three years since Johnny Depp has been part of any cinema projects. Now he is back and starring in a significant role in the French biographical drama film Jeanne du Barry. He will play the male lead, King Louis XV (former king of France), and star alongside Maiwenn. With his comeback to his acting career, fans were hoping (albeit expecting) for him to portray Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean again. There could still be a chance for that in the future.

For right now, let’s put our focus on what is bringing Depp back onto the big screen. Jeanne du Barry is about a young woman named Jeanne Vaubernier, a working-class woman who uses her intelligence to climb the social ladder. She hungers for culture and pleasure, and as she continues to rise, she (quite literally) catches the eye of King Louis XV.

Despite him not knowing her status as a courtesan, the two fall madly in love. Jeanne moves to Versailles, which scandalizes the court. It is a historical drama at its finest and is the perfect return for Johnny Depp for many reasons.

More Period Dramas in the Works

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Jeanne du Barry would not be Depp’s first period drama movie to star in. He has starred in a select few period dramas in the early 2000s, such as Finding Neverland and The Libertine. Historical dramas can extend to other subgenres of movies, like fantasy with Alice in Wonderland.

His filmography suggests that this is a genre he is most comfortable with, given his ability to adapt to just about any character. Most historical dramas intertwine with both the fiction and nonfiction genres of cinema. While he has a wide range of movie genres under his belt, it makes sense that he would return to a genre that’s more recurring in his career. This film is not the only period drama Depp is working hard on.

Depp’s future project is another historical drama based on a play. He will direct a movie titled Modi, inspired by the play Modigliani by Dennis McIntyre. This film follows the life of an Italian painter named Amedeo Modigliani in 1916’s Paris, France.

Depp states in a previous release that “the saga of Mr. Modigliani’s life is one that I’m incredibly honored, and truly humbled, to bring to the screen. It was a life of great hardship, but eventual triumph — a universally human story all viewers can identify with.” Not only is Jeanne du Barry his return to the big screen, but he is in the works doing other projects.

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Showcasing His Acting Skills

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Depp has been part of an extensive archive of movies in his career. He has not stuck to one particular genre, instead having just about all of them under his belt. He started his career in 1984 with A Nightmare on Elm Street. A strong start with a horror film, and since then, he has acted in genres like fantasy, romance, comedy, and drama.

One of his last films was back in 2018 as part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when he was Gellert Grindelwald in the first two Fantastic Beasts movies. He has this unique ability to almost literally transform into whoever he plays—embodying the characters rather than simply playing a role.

For Jeanne du Barry, we see the more serious side of himself and his acting skills. There’s a charm and grace in his movements to match the stature of a king. When he gets into his role, Johnny Depp no longer exists. That is one of the aspects of his acting that draws us to his films, no matter the genre. Jeanne du Barry will be the first film we hear and see Depp speak another language throughout the whole thing. With this being a French film, of course, Depp will be speaking French. But it is another skill of his that we get to see on the big screen, another talent for us to witness during his return.

A Deep Care for This Film

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On May 16, 2023, Jeanne du Barry had its world premiere (the same day of its theater release in France) as the opening film at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. He received a seven-minute standing ovation, and thanks to Variety, we can see the positive feedback and love for Depp emotionally overwhelm him. It is clear how proud he is of this film. Jeanne du Barry has been in the works since 2022. Depp is getting much praise for it now that it has been released. Cannes chief even called it “a beautiful film” and said that Depp is “magnificent in it.”

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Depp and other cast members discussed this film during a press conference at Cannes. He understands that certain people would be a bit more interested to know more about his life since the Amber Heard situation.

However, he makes it apparent that the primary focus should be on the French film. He says, “The focus should simply be on…it’s a miracle to get a film made that you care about. You win right there.” It is common for actors to connect emotionally to one of their movies or characters. It only shows his love for his career and the cinematic art he helps to bring to life.

Seeing Johnny Depp on the big screen and his next project gives us hope that he will continue on bigger projects. Fans are still eager to see if Captain Jack Sparrow will make his return as well. It seems unlikely, but the future is a mystery, and anything goes.

Jeanne du Barry is a good sign that things are looking up for the actor. He does not care for the opinions of Hollywood. He cares about making films that he is proud of. This is why this French film is the perfect comeback for Depp. We cannot wait to see him again.

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