Why Ticket to Paradise Should Be on Your Rom-Com Watchlist

Jun 1, 2023

Romantic comedies have a way of uplifting our moods after a stressful day. The happiness of witnessing one’s beloved characters get their happy ending is wholesome. Nowadays, the decline of rom-coms in the film industry is making viewers root for some good films in the genre. The majority of movies are being shifted to big streaming platforms, thus stealing the experience of enjoying them in a theater. Recently, a newly released movie rekindled the essence of old-fashioned rom-com by gracing the screens with nostalgia and its box office success.

The movie is none other than Ticket to Paradise, starring the popular and comedic duo, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, in the lead roles. The story is about a divorced couple teaming up to sabotage their own daughter Lily’s (Kaitlyn Dever) wedding, as they’re convinced that she is throwing away her life for a relationship. Universal Pictures decided to give the film a theatrical release, and it eaned $168 million worldwide. It proved to be a wise decision for the revival of the genre in theaters in a streaming-dominant era. If you haven’t watched Ticket to Paradise, here’s what makes it a must-watch.

Reunion of George Clooney and Julia Roberts

Universal Pictures

The exceptional onscreen chemistry of George Clooney and Julia Roberts has been loved for years. Over the course of their illustrious careers, the duo has worked together on a total of seven projects, spanning different genres like comedy, thrillers, and drama. Ticket to Paradise reunites them for their first rom-com, which performed outstandingly at the box office. Initially, the two met on the sets of Ocean’s Eleven, got along well, and became good friends. Even after 22 years of friendship, their bond still stands strong, and they relish working together.

Roberts, as Georgia Cotton, and Clooney, as David Cotton, played the roles of divorced parents in the 2022 rom-com film. What begins as a journey to disrupt the daughter’s marriage transforms into a reconciliation trip for the ex-couple. Directed by Ol Parker, the film consists of great chemistry, a comedic plot, witty taunts, and heartfelt moments. Even though the storyline might seem predictable and cliché just like any other rom-com, it does manage to infuse the 80s and 90s feel with a modern approach, making it a comfort film for the viewers.

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Heartwarming Theme

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Theme plays an important role in any movie, irrespective of the genre. It helps in conveying the central or underlying idea to the audience. Mostly, when it comes to rom-coms, the theme is commonly love, relationships, and heartbreak. Ticket to Paradise takes a dive into the themes of second chances in relationships and embracing family bonds.

David and Georgia, who were married for five years, parted ways due to the constant fights and tensions that strained their relationship. After 20 years, the ex-couple leads busy lives, with Georgia being an art curator and David an architect. Their daughter, Lily, invites them to the wedding, which leads to them fleeing to Bali to stop it. The duo didn’t want Lily to rush into a relationship and regret it later, as they did. However, in the process, the dormant spark between them intensifies, and things start to get better. The theme of the movie embodied letting go of grudges and cherishing new beginnings.

Appealing Location

Universal Pictures

A visually stunning location captivates the audience, by creating a desire in their mind to visit those locations in person at least once. Well, the choice of location is another important aspect of filmmaking. Choosing a perfect location according to the plot will prove beneficial in many ways. The right location can set the perfect tone for the story and enhance the experience of moviegoers. In Ticket to Paradise, the makers made sure to pick several locations that showcased the cultures and supported the overall narrative.

It’s worth noting that the filming didn’t take place in Bali, Indonesia. The movie was shot in Australia’s scenic and exotic locations, giving the viewers a Bali feel. Some of the filming locations listed are Hamilton Island, the Gold Coast, Qualia Luxury Resort, Palm Bay Resort, Lucinda Bay, and so on. Moreover, the film didn’t restrict itself to the Bali setting. It explored the Balinese culture by highlighting their marriage traditions and rituals. That’s because Lily’s boyfriend belongs to a Balinese family and owns a seaweed farm. The film presented the generosity and helpfulness of the Balinese people, showing a kind of appreciation for their culture and heritage.

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Universal Pictures

The pandemic had a great impact on the entertainment industry, with many genres shifting their bases to OTT platforms. Rom-coms have been a beloved genre for years. But in recent times, it hasn’t performed well in theaters due to multiple reasons, like cliché storylines, popular rom-com actors’ absence, or a change in audience preference. Many rom-com films and series also have found their new home on online streaming platforms.

Recently, a few romantic comedies have emerged as a hope to revive the genre’s charm in theaters. Ticket to Paradise is one such movie that got a theatrical release, bringing back the iconic on-screen chemistry and the face of rom-com, Julia Roberts. It’s true that behind every blockbuster or low-budget film, the motive remains constant, i.e., to earn good profits. While blockbusters dominate the box office and gain substantial profits from theatrical releases after investing tons of money in production. For low-budget films, it’s a challenging task if only fewer audiences turn up to the show leading to a decrease in revenue. By contrast, the streaming platforms provide revenue opportunities and aid in making the film reach a mass audience worldwide.

In an era of blockbusters, Ticket to Paradise did pretty well internationally in terms of revenue. According to the report, the film was made on a budget of $60 million and did surpass it in box office collections. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Clooney praised the production company Universal Pictures for their brave move to release the movie in theaters.

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