Will MCU Fans See Evan Peters Return to the Franchise?

Dec 8, 2022

Evan Peters is neither a stranger to Marvel nor action movies. The actor played Quicksilver in the X-Men movies before taking on the role of Pietro Maximoff/Ralph Bohner in WandaVision. Peters’ performance in X-Men has been noted as a highlight of the franchise by fans, and many were glad the actor made an albeit confusing return as the twin brother of Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision.

The appearance was complicated owing not to the performance of Peters, but instead, the fact that Quicksilver appeared in both the X-Men movies and the MCU. Marvel’s complicated legal distribution rights, which resulted from the comics being on the verge of bankruptcy in the ‘90s, led to Quicksilver simultaneously being a part of the X-Men as one of Magneto’s mutant children and a staple Avenger.
Peters has been regarded as a versatile actor, with his performances not being confined simply to Marvel and action movies. Respected for his wide breadth of skills, the actor has held roles in films such as The Pirates of Somalia, Adult World, Kick-Ass, and the American Horror Story franchise. Peters recently stirred up buzz owing to his compelling role as the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in Netflix’s disturbing documentary series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

With the actor being propelled into the center of discourse yet again, many wonder if the actor might have a future in the MCU, given his previous appearances and ultimate fate in the Universe.

Evan Peters’ History with Marvel

 20th Century Studios

As mentioned, Peters has had a complicated run within the Marvel films. With complicated distribution rights leading to the actor appearing in differing roles within the Marvel umbrella, Peters has been an actor whom fans have been quite frustrated over. Despite X-Men not being regarded as a part of the MCU, the franchise does fall within Marvel’s umbrella, given that the franchise is based on a superhero team from Marvel Comics.

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Peters first appeared as X-Men’s Quicksilver, with Fox beating Marvel’s debut of the character. While Peters was the silver-haired, superfast character in X-Men, Aaron Taylor-Johnson took on the same role in The Avengers. However, Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver met his demise by sacrificing himself to save Hawkeye and Costel in an act of true heroism. Peters was brought to the MCU in what appeared to be a recast of Pietro Maximoff in WandaVision. Social media exploded with the actor’s return in the show’s fifth episode, with many wondering why Peters, particularly, was cast for the role and what it meant.

However, despite initial excitement, frustration mounted when the actor’s appearance merely amounted to a red herring. Fans who had come up with multiple theories, such as that the actor’s appearance meant the X-Men was now officially a part of the MCU or that WandaVision was connecting to the multiverse, were left grasping for water when it was finally revealed that Peters was actually just a guy named Ralph Bohner from Westview. The actor’s appearance in the series apparently held no significant meaning, and the multiple theories and assumptions were just let down the drain, much to fans’ absolute disappointment and frustration.

Possibilities of Evan Peters’ Return

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After the actor’s anticlimactic ending in WandaVision, fans have wondered if the actor could make a more substantial return to the Universe. Rumors have been swirling that we might see Peters make a return in Agatha: Coven of Chaos. Given that rumors regarding the actor’s appearance in WandaVision and that he would take on the role of Wanda’s brother proved to be true, there is a high likelihood that the rumor regarding Coven of Chaos might also become a reality.

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The rumors are given more weight by the fact that Agatha: Coven of Chaos is a WandaVision spinoff and therefore holds a direct connection to the series. Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda Maximoff, expressed her opinion about making an appearance in the spinoff. “I would love to pop up,” said the actress, adding, “I love Kathryn. I don’t want to leave her side ever.” Given that Olsen is interested in making a return, hopefully, the same might hold true for Peters.

What Can the Return Mean for the MCU?

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Evan Peters’ return to the MCU could allow Marvel a chance to create a plot connection to the multiverse. With many fans feeling it was a missed opportunity when Marvel decided not to take Peters’ narrative any further in WandaVision, this could be a second chance for the studio to give more weight to the actor’s character arc.

Additionally, with Disney acquiring Fox back in 2017, the distribution rights of Quicksilver are no longer as complicated as they were before. Given this, the reintroduction of Evan Peters could also pave a substantial path for the MCU to bring in the X-Men. With the two having remained separate for so long, despite connections between the X-Men and Avengers in Marvel Comics, it will be interesting to see the studio’s take on incorporating the two groups, should they decide to do so.

While the return of Evan Peters is highly anticipated by fans and seems plausible in the context of the MCU, neither Peters nor the studio have given official confirmation of the news. For now, all that remains are rumors. With Agatha: Coven of Chaos set to release in late 2023, we will have to patiently wait a little longer to see if the rumors hold any truth. However, if Marvel is actually planning to bring Peters back, the late 2023 release date allows sufficient time for the studio to work on the actor’s return.

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