Fan-Made Night of the Batman Motion Comic Looks to Tell Solo Batfleck DCU Story

Mar 19, 2023

While Ben Affleck’s time as Batman has not quite ended yet, it is clear that the Justice League’s star will never get the planned solo movie he could have in another universe. However, fans can still get a taste of what could have been with a new fan-made motion comic entitled Night of the Batman. Inspired by Affleck’s iteration if the Dark Knight, artist Aaron S Bailey shared a teaser poster for the comic, which will be set in the Snyderverse and be realized in a four-part motion comic that uses 3D modeling and renders to create its awesome artwork.

The Snyderverse has been dead for some time, but fans have found it increasingly difficult to let go. This inability to move on is something that was not helped when Warner Bros. allowed Zack Snyder to do the reshoots required to complete his four hour cut of Justice League, with fans who campaigned for the film’s release believing that they could strongarm the studio into reviving the entire universe created by Snyder. However, that is not going to happen with James Gunn ringing in the changes for the DCU, but that doesn’t mean that fans will not do their best to create what might have been.
Night of the Batman’s poster was shared on Twitter by Bailey, along with a synopsis that reads:

“As darkness falls on Gotham, Batman is presented with an ultimatum; Solve a twisted puzzle laid out by a new foe or fight through the hell of an unleashed Arkham.”

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What Happened To Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie?

Warner Bros.

Way back when the Snyderverse was still a very real and working idea, Ben Affleck was announced to be writing and directing his own Batman movie. However, the project seemed to fall apart due to Affleck himself not being able to quite work things out due to going through a bad personal period and having not been particular thrilled with his time filming Justice League under Joss Whedon.

When it became clear that things were not going to work out at that time, Warner Bros. drafted in Matt Reeves to take over the project, and of course we know where that ended up. Now The Batman is working out its own path outside the continuity of any DCU projects either past or future, and it looks like Ben Affleck will still get his chance to direct a DCU movie under the new James Gunn/Peter Safran leadership.

Gunn previously revealed that he had spoken to Affleck about a future in the DCU, but not as Batman. Instead, he suggested that when the right project is available, then Affleck will be given the option of making his mark on the franchise from the director’s chair. Whether that will be in the form of another actor’s Batman movie is not known, but for now, fans are awaiting what seem likely to be Affleck’s final appearances as Batman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flash later this year.

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