How the Mythosaur Will Unite Mandalore

Mar 26, 2023

The Mandalorian has returned for another season and is just as hot as ever. Star Wars fans are astounded by its excellent CGI and compelling story inside a corner of the galaxy that we rarely see from Star Wars. Now that Din Djarin has fully adopted Grogu, the two are on a journey through space to redeem the Mando’s honor from an incident that happened way back when he removed his helmet. As a result, he was seen as an outcast by a certain group of his people. But since the second episode in this new season, he has returned to his ancestral home of Mandalore and bathed in the living waters. Now he must never remove his helmet again.

But when Din Djarin fell into the deep well of the living waters, Bo Katan dove in to save him. And what did she see but the great Mythosaur, a species of dinosaur-like creatures once thought to be extinct. The Mythosaur has only existed in legend until now, and when Bo Katan saw it, she clearly couldn’t believe it existed. It is a great symbol of Mandalorian power, and its skull is the signet that unites their people around the galaxy. If Din Djarin could tame the beast, it could mean the start of a new age for all Mandalorians.

Symbols of Power


Like any culture, Mandalorians have several symbols of power to represent their culture and unite their people. On their homeworld, these used to be very present things like the mask of Mandalore and the living waters. The mask was worn by the first Mandalorian and leader of all the Mandalorian clans, Mandalore the Great. And the living waters represented a place of baptism and other rites performed by their people as it rested at the heart of the Mandalorians’ power, the mines of Mandalore.

Now their people are scattered and divided. Bo Katan is attempting to reunite the people under her rule, as she was once their leader on the planet Mandalore. She naturally believes she has the right to return to the throne, but others see her as a traitor. She has removed her helmet and, therefore, in the eyes of many Mandalorians, has given up the creed which once held together the Mandalorian people.

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In hopes of overcoming this mark on her reputation, she has been seeking the Darksaber, a powerful weapon once born by the leader of the Mandalorian clans. This was meant to be a symbol powerful enough for her to be seen as a ruler in the eyes of her people, but through the proper rites, Din Djarin obtained it first. But the Darksaber is only one of these symbols, and what it represents may not be enough to unite the Mandalorian people.

The Darksaber is an incredible weapon that can cut through anything, and according to the Mandalorian creed, it must be obtained through combat. Din Djarin won it from Moff Gideon when he defeated him in battle. Bo Katan wants the saber, but she would likely have to kill Din Djarin for it. The nature of the Darksaber is its power to divide. It is a weapon meant to be wielded against the enemies of Mandalore, not for Mandalorians to use to fight each other. It is not a way for Bo Katan to unite the clans of Mandalore, neither in spirit nor in practice. If she used this thing as her only method of ruling the Mandalorian people, she would do so through violence. And many others would likely attempt to usurp her power and take the Darksaber through force. If it were the only thing holding the clans together, they would all be at war with each other. But the people of Mandalore have another option: the Mythosaur.

How the Mythosaur Can Unite Mandalore

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The Mythosaur was once thought to be extinct, but we discovered at the end of episode 3 that it is very much alive. It’s only been sleeping underneath the living waters for who knows how long. In the legends, the great Mand’alor once tamed and rode the Mythosaur. So it, too, is a symbol of power. The Mandalorian signet is that of the Mythosaur skull. If a person were to bring the people of Mandalore together, they must acknowledge their authority somehow. As we stated earlier, wielding the Darksaber would symbolize this authority, but it would only breed violence amongst the clans.

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If Din Djarin could tame the Mythosaur, he would become part of the legend that Mandalorians haven’t seen since the days of their ancestors. If the Mythosaur exists, either he or Bo Katan might learn to ride it and thus become like the great Mand’alor. If they could bring that part of the legend into reality within their own lives, the people would see this as a powerful symbol that would give them the right to rule. As Bo Katan struggles to claim her old throne again, Din Djarin seems to be stumbling backward into becoming a king. In the coming episodes, we might see him learn to ride the Mythosaur and unite the peoples of Mandalore once again.

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