Other Couples That Deserve Their Own Spinoffs

Feb 27, 2023

90 Day Fiancé aired in January 2014 on TLC. However, at the time, no one expected the endless hours of high-octane drama the reality series would provide. But with a novel premise and an interesting cast of characters, this supposedly unscripted drama turned out to be reality TV gold. Of course, there could be a million and one rationales for the show’s success. But perhaps the most logical is the series was wildly entertaining. Compared to other reality TV series, such as 60 Days In, it was much more lighthearted.

Every season of 90 Day Fiancé would feature different couples who had met in an unorthodox fashion. While some met on vacation, others met on dating sites or online chat cafes. Many had never seen each other. But whatever the case, these people had been hit by cupid’s arrow, and they were seemingly smitten. As is often the case, a marriage proposition followed. However, since most pairs were cross-geographical, traveling to the U.S. for their nuptials would require a special K-1 fiancé visa. That visa would give the couple approximately 90 days to get married.
90 Day Fiancé was so incendiary that fans caught massive 90 Day fever. As a result, the franchise spawned 18 spinoffs. Of those, in 2019, the franchise spotlighted one pair with its own spinoff series. The Family Chantel would follow the exploits of Chantel Everett, and her Dominican fiancé turned husband, Pedro Jimeno. The relationship dynamic was intense, and the struggle between the families was perfect fodder for A+ viewing. The series continued until 2022, but that year would bring an unfortunate turn for the couple. Since the two are no longer together, the continuation of the series is pending.

The success of these spinoffs raises a much more interesting question. Given what appears could be another more permanent path and successful offshoot for the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, what other couples might be deserving of shows?

Elizabeth and Andrei


Elizabeth and Andrei first appeared in season five of 90 Day Fiancé. Andrei was a strong-willed and brash-talking man from Cordova. And Elizabeth was a down-home girl from Tampa, Florida. Despite being worlds apart in location and character, they were in love. However, the pair had a long road ahead. Andrei’s and Elizabeth’s families were like a Molotov Cocktail. And whenever they got together, everything went up in flames.

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Elizabeth and Andrei remain together and continue to be a featured couple on the series. The most recent season highlighted the pending birth of their now newborn son. But as in seasons before, their dynamic powered enough drama to keep viewers glued to the screen. With a newborn and the possibility that someone in the family reported Andrei signifying the looming threat of a possible deportation, the drama is through the roof. Given Elizabeth and Andrei’s time on the show, the drama-induced storyline, and audience investment, they seem like the perfect pair to gain their own series.

Jenny and Summit


Jenny and Summit are a May-December couple who appeared on the first season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Screen Rant states that “Jenny was 60 and Summit was 30 when she moved to India, after they’d met just once in person, although they’d romanced one another for a decade.” Despite their tumultuous journey, the two remain significant on the series, now four seasons in. While the pair does not appear in the show’s current season, they were featured in the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff Happily Ever After. Jenny and Summit’s age and cultural differences provide a wealth of material for the show. And the intense tug-of-war between Summit’s parents and Jenny keeps viewers returning for more. Presuming the two maintain a relationship, they would be the perfect couple to receive their show.

Corey and Evelin


Corey and Evelin are worlds apart. Corey, who hailed from a religious background, fell for Evelin, a free spirit from Ecuador. It was apparent early on that the relationship was highly one-sided. But Corey pursued. Their relationship was akin to a turbulent ride on a slip-shod rollercoaster. However, according to Screen Rant, as of 2022, the couple remained together, and the ongoing topic of discussion now centers on parenthood. Given the high level of drama and interesting dynamic, it is not hard to deduce why Corey and Evelin should get their own spinoff.

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Kenneth and Armando


Kenneth and Armando appeared in the second season of The Other Way. Of all the couples, they were the ones that many rooted for. While first featured in Season 2, they married in a beautiful yet touching ceremony in Season 3. According to People, Kenneth and Armando are “the first male gay couple featured on the TLC franchise.”

Again, the emotional draw was overwhelming. Their story was one of the most heartfelt and sentimental of the series to date. Kenneth and Armando’s relationship is not without some drama. Comparatively, the drama pales. But despite their more subdued storyline, these two have remained fan favorites. And if allowed their own show, it would probably be one of the most watched, given the likability of the pairing.

There is no accurate barometer of how the production team selects the pairings for their spinoffs. But the assumption is that the criteria would include time on the show and the level of interest they draw. Whether there will be more shows to this similitude beyond the current projected line-up is a more fanciful prediction. However, for those interested in the drama and following some fan favorites, David and Annie’s and Loren and Alexi’s spinoffs can be found streaming on Discovery+.

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