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Mar 9, 2023

Sports might be brutal at times, but they can also transform people by allowing them to overcome their anxieties and grow as individuals. There are numerous films in the sports genre worth watching, like True Spirit, Cosmoball, Creed, and the upcoming Champions starring Woody Harrelson, which focuses on disabled athletes vying for the Basketball championship. Speaking of Basketball, the new Disney+ film Chang Can Dunk shows that anyone can succeed if they put in the time and effort without compromising what makes them distinctive.

Chang Can Dunk is an upcoming American sports-drama film written and directed by Jingyi Shao and heavily focuses on high school basketball. The film was announced in 2019 but was eventually delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jingyi Shao took up the project two years later, in September 2021, and announced that Bloom Li would play the titular role. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Chang Can Dunk, the upcoming Disney+ sports film.

Chang Can Dunk: The Plot

The official Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel has released a trailer for the film, and based on that, here’s our interpretation of the plot. Chang has just started his sophomore year of high school and is motivated to change his life by finally bidding farewell to the loser lifestyle. He chooses basketball as his sport; however, he fails miserably due to his short stature. During a basketball game, he sits behind a girl named Kristy, who he likes, but the pro basketball player Matt gets a dunk and dedicates it to her, making him jealous.

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Later, at a party, Chang and Matt get into an argument, and Matt humiliates him by posting on Instagram, prompting Chang to challenge him to prove that he, too, can dunk. He wagers his first edition Shadowless Charizard Pokémon Card, worth three grand, and challenges him to perform a dunk before the final home football game. Chang quickly finds a coach who not only teaches him basketball but also posts his progress on YouTube to keep him motivated in the face of the haters’ criticism. While everyone thinks he’s ridiculous for trying, Chang appears to have discovered the ideal approach to becoming the person he’s always wanted to be. But, despite his diminutive size, can he dunk before the challenge ends?

Jingyi Shao, the film’s writer and director, has put in a lot of effort, as he disclosed various details about it in an interview with Variety. As he put it,

I was really inspired by early ’90s coming-of-age films, but specifically sports-coming-of-age films like ‘Mighty Ducks.’ My 16-year-old self could have really used this film. He really needed to watch this. At the time, he was struggling to believe in himself and struggling to believe in his dream. Chang is an underdog story for someone who maybe doesn’t feel seen, doesn’t feel appreciated, but who wants more respect and what happens if you really put your mind to something and then the people you find along the way.

Chang Can Dunk: The Cast & Crew


The cast of Chang Can Dunk is diverse, as an Asian male was needed to assume the lead role. Bloom Li will play Chang, a teenager who strives to become a better person by undertaking an insane challenge. Although he has yet to make a breakthrough film that can earn him international recognition, the upcoming project might be that one. He did, however, feature in several TV shows and movies, including Pretty Dudes, Afterimages, Incel, and S.W.A.T.

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Kristy, the main character’s love interest, is played by Zoe Reene. She is a young actress most recognized for her portrayal as Maryam Luqman on DC’s Black Lightning. The actress has also appeared in Tell Me Lies, The Quad, and Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. While Chase Liefeld, best known for his role in Wolf Pack, plays Matt, Dexter Darden, who portrayed Frypan in The Maze Runner trilogy, will play Chang’s coach, Deandre. Evidently, the film will focus mainly on these characters; therefore, the supporting cast includes Ben Wang as Bo, Mardy Ma as Chen, Dominic Pace as Mr. Benevido, Nile Bulock as Owen, Jenna Roach as Melissa, and Eric Anthony Lopez as Syd.

As previously stated, the film was written and directed by Jingyi Shao. As he has only directed short films and a 2021 TV series titled the Twenties, Chang Can Dunk will be his first feature-length film. Based on his work on The Mandalorian, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, Spy, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in the music department, Nathan Matthew David has been chosen to compose the original music. Rishi Rajani, Lena Waithe, and Brad Westin will produce the movie, with Pamela Thur serving as the executive producer. This highly anticipated sports movie is a collaborative effort of Walt Disney Pictures, The Walt Disney Company, Disney+, Makeready, Rotten Eggs Productions, and Hillman Grad.

Release Date


Chang Can Dunk, one of Disney+’s most anticipated films this year, will be released on the streaming service on Mar. 10.

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