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Mar 16, 2023

Asian dramas have a history of turning different genres into something outstanding, whether romance, action, or a thriller. While there are several intriguing Korean movies and series centered on serial killers, such as I Saw the Devil, The Wailing, Memoir of a Murderer, and many more, Taiwanese dramas have been extending their productions for quite some time. What’s more, the upcoming drama Copycat Killer shows how serious the Asian industry is about creating these dramas.

Copycat Killer is an upcoming Taiwanese-set Chinese-language crime thriller. The drama is based on the famous crime mystery novel by Japanese writer Miyuki Miyabe, which has already been adapted into a series of Japanese-language films. However, the upcoming drama’s storyline has been altered slightly to make it distinct and provide the audience with a new experience. With that out of the way, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming crime thriller Copycat Killer.

Copycat Killer: The Plot

Netflix Asia has released the official trailer for Copycat Killer, and here is our interpretation of the story based on it. It’s the 1990s, and veteran homicide prosecutor Guo Xiao Qi stumbles across a serial killing case when authorities discover a gift box containing a severed hand. Unfortunately, he couldn’t uncover any clues on the perpetrator after searching through the case, and soon enough, several of these murders transpire, and all they receive is a box and the severed hands of the victims. Despite being the most skilled prosecutor, Guo Xiao Qi is unable to identify the perpetrator’s motive or a clue that would lead him to the killer.

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There is mounting evidence that the killer is using the media to lure prosecutors and police and is mocking them by finding a new victim every day. The incident eventually becomes a national spectacle, and the killer interacts with the media as they conduct interviews to achieve higher ratings. However, while prosecutor Guo hunts for further clues, the family members of the victims are only concerned with one thing: to bring the perpetrator to justice. Guo gets closer and closer to uncovering the murderer as a few victims’ family members pursue the culprit on their own, but the enemy always seems to be ten steps ahead. So how will the veteran prosecutor prevent the killer from committing any further atrocities?

The premise appears to be similar to other serial killer series, particularly those made in South Korean dramas, albeit fewer crime thrillers in the Chinese industry have received international acclaim. As a result, the new drama could be something special for fans of serial killer movies and series.

Copycat Killer: The Cast & Crew


Kang Ren Wu, also known as Chris Wu, will play the lead role in the drama Guo Xiao Qi. He is a Taiwanese actor who rose from an advertising model to a well-known actor. After his first film appearance in 2007’s Fragile in Love, the actor has starred in several films and TV shows, such as Light the Night, White Ant, A Touch of Green, Wake Up, and The Ghost Bride. During a live interview, the actor addressed his character and emotions while filming the series. As he put it,

“Genre series are fascinating as you won’t figure out who the killer is, right until the end. Every character is connected by hidden threads, which unravel throughout the story. Likewise, I follow my character in exploring these threads, gradually forming a beautiful web of connections. I look forward to bringing viewers on the journey of discovering the masterful storytelling behind each thread.”

Tuo Chung Hua and Ko Chia Yen also seem to have important roles in the drama as victims’ family members fight their own battles. While the former is best known for his performances in The Day the Sun Turned Cold, Metro of Love, and The Age of Innocence, the latter has been in a variety of critically acclaimed Taiwanese dramas, including Police Et Vous, Rainless Love in a Godless Land, and Deja Vu. Fandy Fan, Cammy Chiang, Xia Teng Hong, Jack Yao, Ruby Lin, Tang Sheng Rong, and Deven Ho round out the star-studded cast.

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The production team behind the series worked for three years to develop a crime thriller of this intricacy. Copycat Killer is directed by Henri Chang and Jung Chi Chang. The former is known for his past work on One Step is Enough and Days on the Crosswalk, and the latter is known for directing multiple successful films, including The End of the Tunnel, Partners in Crime, and Touch of the Light. The filmmakers shared their thoughts on the drama in the same interview as the lead actor, Chris Wu. They expressed it this way:

“It’s a pleasure to finally bring what we have worked on for so long to the audience. Beneath the thriller and detective story lies a story of how humanity struggles between good and evil. We hope to portray more facets of each character and their thoughts and reflections within an intriguing narrative. While the story begins with ‘evil’ as we know it, there is a lot more to reflect on and take away from the series.”

Hank Tseng, who previously produced Wake Up, Katang Kids, and The Victims’ Game, is responsible for the series production.

Release Date


The upcoming Taiwanese crime drama Copycat Killer will premiere on Netflix later this month on Mar. 31.

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