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Jan 25, 2023

Back in 2015, when The Walking Dead franchise was at its peak, a new television show began airing. With the title Fear the Walking Dead, at the beginning it served as a prequel to the original show. We watched characters dealing with the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse as they witnessed their lives getting destroyed and their hopes of survival getting thinner and thinner. This format could not be sustained for too long, so in the third season of Fear the Walking Dead, it caught up with the original show and characters started to cross over.

With drama, tension, zombies (sorry, undead), action, and violence, it seems like it is easy to keep viewers satisfied, and AMC obviously is not going to let its golden goose stop producing for no good reason. The Walking Dead is over and Fear the Walking Dead is going to be over, but even though The Walking Dead is… dead, it is staying alive. There are so many spin-offs coming to our screens, and we will have so many zombie shows to watch until the end of our world.
The audience and critics responded initially positively towards the show. It is astounding how much people were thirsty for drama and gore. Those good old days, when a collapsing society because of a virus seemed like a sci-fi premise, something that writers used to create tension. The positivity towards the show held tight for the first four seasons, something that is not a small feat, but after the fifth season the show started to lose its momentum, and surely, but steadily it is coming to an end with its eighth season. All things must come to an end, good or bad.

Fear the Walking Dead: The Plot


Following the events of the seventh season, the synopsis for Season 8 is that “Morgan (Lennie James), Madison, and the others they brought to the island of PADRE, the mysterious organization teases throughout Season 7, live under their cynical rule. Our survivors are demoralized and dejected, and their dreams of building a better world lie in the hands of Mo, Morgan, and Grace’s (Karen David) daughter.”

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It has also been revealed that between the first and the second part of this season, a seven-year time jump will occur on the show. It would be safe to assume that many seasons could be material for many seasons, but the creators wanted to wrap things up.

Fear the Walking Dead: The Cast & Crew


The cast of this show is huge. Kim Dickens returns as Madison Klark, Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar, Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Danay Garcia as Luciana Galvez, Jenna Elfman as June Dorie, Alexa Nisenson as Charlie, Mo Collins as Sarah Rabinowitz, Karen David as Grace Mukherjee, Austin Amelio as Dwight, and Christine Evangelist as Sherry among many others.

Fear the Walking Dead is produced by Gimple. The showrunners are Andrew Chambliss, Ian Goldberg, the creator of the original comics Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero, Michael Satrazemis, and David Alpert.

Release Date


AMC announced that the eighth season of the Fear of the Walking Dead will be the final season of this show, but The Walking Dead universe will continue on. It was also announced that the season will consist of two parts of six episodes each. The first six episodes will start airing on May 14. The second part of the season will premiere later this year.

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Ever since The Walking Dead began airing back in 2010, audiences were hooked. Based on the comic created and written by Robert Kirkman, drawn by Tony Moore, and published by Image Comics, it is hard to believe that even its creators expected the size of its success. The show had many criticisms against it, especially for its pacing, and it is hard to say that all the criticisms were unfair. But it is also unfair to not recognize its impact and its popularity.

Millions of viewers, countless fan theories and predictions for its continuation, outcries for character deaths, all of these are not based on someone’s opinion, these things are happening. And sure, there is a measure of sunk cost fallacy, but a show cannot keep people for as long as they have before it collapses. With so many spin-offs like Tales of the Walking Dead, the Daryl Dixon spin-off show, The Walking Dead: Dead City with Maggie and Negan, and the upcoming Michonne and Rick show, it looks like the fans are going to have much to enjoy, and the haters will have much to complain about. Well, at least one of these groups is going to have some fun.

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