‘Scream 6’ Directors Reveal a Detective Bailey Deleted Scene

Mar 13, 2023

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Scream VI.]One of the greatest joys of a Scream movie is to discover who the killer is on a first viewing and then to watch the film again looking for little clues and performance nuances that emphasize those particular characters were up to no good all along. Making sure Scream VI had that quality was a high priority for the filmmaking trio, Radio Silence.

At the end of the movie, it’s revealed that the masterminds behind these New York City killings are Richie Kirsch’s (Jack Quaid) family. Dermot Mulroney’s Detective Bailey may be a real cop, but he’s also Richie’s heartbroken father who encouraged his Stab obsession and even helped him build the shrine to past Ghostface killers. And then there’s Jack Champion’s Ethan and Liana Liberato’s Quinn, characters who are posing as random roommates for The Core Four when, in reality, they are Richie’s brother and sister.

During a 30-minute spoiler conversation in honor of Scream VI’s March 10th release, producer Chad Villella and directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin discussed their approach to upholding the mystery on a first watch while planting seeds to be discovered on subsequent viewings.

Gillett began by noting the importance the team places on ensuring the film has that quality. “Any scene that those characters are in, we spend an extra amount of time making sure that it makes sense for it to belong, what the characters are saying, what they’re talking about.” In fact, there’s one particular scene with Quinn and Detective Bailey that they opted to remove because it didn’t quite work in that respect. He explained:

“I think one of the only scenes we lifted was a scene where Dermot’s standing over the body of his daughter and some other police officers walk in and he tells them to get the fuck out, that no one’s gonna touch her body but him, and it just felt weird. If you were to go back knowing the reveal, why is she laying there? There was enough air, there were enough questions in the repeat viewing of that scene once you know who the killers are that we were like, do we need it? So that’s something to make sure that it holds up under that level of a microscope once you know who the killers are; [it’s] a huge thing for us.”

How about scenes and lines of dialogue that do make it into the final film? Are there any particular ones that the team found most challenging to nail when it came to offering a legitimate clue, but without tipping the scale too far and revealing answers too soon? Here’s what Bettinelli-Olpin went with:

“I think the one that jumps out a lot that I know we talked about when we were editing and we kind of have fun with it, but it’s also, they’re so well delivered, there’s a scene where Dermot and Melissa, ‘If you fuck with my family, you die.’ They’re just telling you exactly what’s gonna happen in about 45 minutes!”

Gillett pinpointed another moment where Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega) notice something isn’t quite right with Detective Bailey’s reasoning:

“There’s also the moment in the interrogation where he says, ‘Well, I’m Quinn’s father so I can vouch for her, so I think we’re safe there,’ and the sisters kind of look at each other. That’s one of those moments that I think was always like exactly what a Scream movie should do, where it should steer so hard into who a suspect is that you’re like, ‘It’s too fucking obvious. There’s no way that Quinn or Bailey is the killer.’”

Want to hear even more spoiler-filled information on how Gillett, Bettinelli-Olpin, and Villella took Scream VI from script to screen? You can find just that in the full 30-minute spoiler interview in the video at the top of this article! Also, don’t forget to watch Barrera’s new episode of Collider Ladies Night in the video below:

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