Seriously Red is the Dolly Parton Flick We’ve Been Waiting For

Feb 10, 2023

Tumble out of bed and stumble to the theater… because Seriously Red is a Dolly Parton movie to savor. The endearing new Down Under film written by and starring Krew Boylan (Wild Boys, The Secret She Keeps) is full of sweetness as it chronicles Raylene Delaney a.k.a. Red (Boylan), a beleaguered real estate agent who dreams of becoming the world’s greatest Dolly Parton impersonator. Self-doubt and sabotage may stand in her way, but Red ventures forth in this feel-good film that culls from 1994’s Muriel’s Wedding, another indie Aussie hit that launched Toni Collette’s career.

Directed by Gracie Otto, Seriously Red also stars Bobby Cannavale (Blonde, Nine Perfect Strangers) and Rose Byrne (Physical, Mrs. America)—she’s billed as executive producer and stuns here playing an impressive Elvis impersonator. Thomas Campbell, Daniel Webber, and Celeste Barber are also in the mix. Actually, Byrne and Boylan are longtime friends, and Byrne read the first draft of the film back in 2013. But Boylan spent many years crafting the tale—she affectionately calls the film her “first-born with a very long labor,” noting that during the script’s development, she had three children, lived across two continents, and changed her hair color 13 times.
Plotwise, Seriously Red is a breezy comedy. When Red loses her job as a real estate agent, she fuels her dream of becoming the world’s greatest Dolly Parton impersonator. After her act attracts the attention of said Elvis impersonator (Byrne) and a powerful booking agent (Cannavale in fine form), Red rises to the top tier of “copycat acts” and becomes the onstage and romantic partner of the top Kenny Rogers impersonator. “Islands in the Stream,” anyone? Somewhere along the way, Red discovers true happiness comes when you’re being the best version of yourself.

Fun fact: For the role, Boylan wore corsets, weighted padded bras, and tested out a slew of wigs to see what her small frame could withstand. Beyond the physical transformation, she went down the rabbit hole of Dolly Parton research and took a trip to Dollywood. She also researched the on-stage chemistry between Parton and Rogers. After the film’s SXSW premiere, buzz started building. Parton saw the film and “absolutely loved it,” telling her international fan base that she was honored her music was included, and that she, “hopes everyone enjoys the movie – I know I did.” Boylan shares more with MovieWeb.

Doing Dolly Just Right

MovieWeb: Fun film. Congratulations. Let’s dive in and chat about the genesis of the movie and why it was important for you to write it.

Krew Boylan: I wasn’t really being cast in jobs I really wanted, and I was worried about my next job. Then I thought, “What is success?” And what does it look like? I very quickly realized that Dolly Parton was the epitome of success. I thought if I can be “Dolly Parton,” I’d feel pretty successful. I also had another muse who is wonderful yet ridiculous and interesting and very far from Dolly. So, I mixed those two together and stumbled on the themes of identity, and how often do you check back in with it? And how often are you trying to be true to yourself? And in this day and age of social media and filters, it was like, “Am I truly living my authentic self?”

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MW: So, what is about Dolly Parton that you particularly love and maybe that we all love?

Boylan: One of the Dolly quotes that really got me straight up, and which I put on my wall was, and I’m paraphrasing it: “You got to work a dream; you got to put feet and wings on it.” And I went, “Okay, if I want to be a successful actress, I’m gonna have to write my own stuff, because I’m not getting cast in the parts I desire, and I’m working hard for, and I’ve just got to take control. That’s why I set out to write this for myself.

MW: That’s plenty to start on.

Boylan: Right. And Dolly for me… she’s so successful, kind, generous, and humble. I love everything she stands for. I love that she looks like she does, and she can hold the joke, even if somebody is going to be a bit mean to her. She always controls the conversation. Women want to become her best friend; men want to marry her. Dolly Parton is just the only person in the world that we can all agree on.

On Working With Her Pal, Rose Byrne


MW: Rose Byrne offers a fabulous turn here playing an Elvis impersonator. What was it like working with a close friend, who was also the executive producer?

Boylan: Rose and I grew up and became best friends since we were teenagers. So, I know Bobby through Rose. And Bobby is a powerhouse. He’s got energy. He’s hilarious. He’s committed. And he’s so beautiful and such a great actor and a great man. It was fun working with him because we hadn’t worked together before. With Rose… it was like eating an apple. She’s like a sister. We had an intimacy coordinator for some of our scenes [between Elvis and Red] and she’s like the last person I need to have an intimacy coordinator with, but it was just really fun doing that process, mucking around, and having “hungry hands” for the camera.

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MW: Was it daunting embodying the persona of the legendary Dolly Parton, singing and all?

Boylan: My favorite part of it honestly was dressing up as Dolly Parton. You just feel there’s an extra power, competence, and cheekiness. I did have to get “Dolly fit,” and it took me a week to not get a headache with all the wigs, the heels, the corset, and the breastplate. So, it took me a little while to adjust.

MW: What other challenges did you face?

Boylan: Minor ones. I loved working with Tim Chappel, who did the costumes for Priscilla Queen of the Desert, as well as Cassie Hanlon, who did all the hair and makeup and wigs for Priscilla, too. They jumped onto the project straightaway because it was really creative for them. They could just go for it.

MW: I love that the film sprinkles in uplifting Dolly Parton quotes from time to time. If there was a Dolly Parton song that best sums up your credo or your motto in life, what would that be?

Boylan: Sometimes I feel like it’s “Two Doors Down.” Because there’s a party over there and I want to go. Like now, I’d love to be in L.A. or New York, but I’m in Bronte in Sydney, Australia, and I’m not complaining but let’s see… I’d say my favorite song is “Jolene,” but that’s not really a motto for life. It would probably have to be “Baby I’m Burnin’.”

Catch Seriously Red, a Lionsgate release, in theaters Feb. 10.

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