Will It Still Be a Horror-Comedy?

Jan 31, 2023

The recent trailer of Scream VI displays a scarier Ghostface compared to those who came before, making it to be more horror than horror-comedy.

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The Scream franchise is one of the most popular slasher series over two decades. The use of comedy makes this franchise unique compared to other slasher films. Throughout each film, the characters poke fun at the horror tropes and stereotypes while falling victim to said tropes. There is even an in-world movie in the movie (appropriately named Stab) that is about the movie. Wes Craven played with the horror-comedy genre well with the first four movies, with directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett picking it up for 2022’s Scream and onwards.

The films are still scary and entertaining to watch while purposely not taking themselves too seriously. With the upcoming sixth installment, however, there are signs that the film could detour slightly away from the comedic tropes of the franchise. There is a new Ghostface tracking and hunting down the main cast who is as persistent as those who came before, if not more.

Not Like Any Other Ghostface

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While there is little information about the film’s comedic side, we are already witnessing the scariness of Ghostface. The first minute of the official trailer shows that whoever is under the mask has a more ruthless spark. They are quicker and stronger. Unlike previous Ghostface killers, this one knows how to handle larger weapons like a shotgun along with the usual style of knife. The voice of Ghostface remains the same, yet the way they claim to be “different” from the others sends a distinct chill down the spine.

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Ghostface appears to be pretty famous among New Yorkers. In the trailer, there is a brief take of a graffiti painting of the killer with the tag “What’s your favorite scary movie?” Then a brief moment on a subway train with people dressed up as the killer. The most obvious sign of the Ghostface name, however, is the shrine of the previous killers. Memorabilia from past killers and victims are on perfect display for the cast to witness. Whoever the new killer is has done their research and worships Ghostface. The set pieces and atmosphere of that shrine bring a contemporary eeriness that previous films did not have. This obsession with the past slashers and deaths of prior victims could become a running joke in this film, but that has yet to be seen.

Taking On The Big Apple

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As the sixth film in the franchise, this is the second one to take place in a larger city outside the made-up town of Woodsboro. This time the movie takes place in New York City, as seen in the trailer and posters. The protagonists Tara and Sam Carpenter from the fifth film have fled from Woodsboro to escape the trauma of their encounter with Ghostface. That “darkness” as Sam calls it has followed them to the Big Apple. With a cast of fresh faces and familiar ones (with Courtney Cox returning as Gale Weathers and Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed), it is only a matter of time before blood starts spilling.

New York City can be an intimidating place on its own. With massive skyscrapers and ever-bustling streets, getting lost can generate a sense of unease for those who do not know the city well enough. The New Yorkers who inhabit the city, while not scary, do hold stereotypes of being in a rush and having a tough exterior. They are also known for being rude to tourists and other New Yorkers, preferring to go about their own business. The Scream VI trailer captured those stereotypes perfectly in the first half when Sam and Tara are asking for help in a convenience store. If that is going to be a running theme, the film will be more nerve-wracking than funny when no one is willing to help.

Subway Full of Ghostfaces

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Aside from Scream 3, at least two people have donned the mask of Ghostface throughout the franchise. One is the person who pulls the strings and the other is an assistant. Each killer(s) had their distinct reasons for killing in the first place. Some were seeking revenge, others wanted fame, and so on. Every time this formula was executed brilliantly. The victims constantly point fingers at one another, even when the killers are hilariously obvious. Yet there is still the shock factor of the killers finally revealing themselves. It is likely to believe that this method will be used in the sixth installment as well. How else can the killer run around with a knife and still talk over the phone without losing a breath?

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In the official trailer, there is a brief scene of the main cast in a subway train surrounded by both New Yorkers and people cosplaying various horror characters. Some are a nod to previous films Wes Craven has directed, like Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street. Within that crowd, about four people dressed up as Ghostface. In a sense, that scene looks silly with these subway riders going about their day as famous horror villains and creepy ghosts. There is also, however, a new sense of dread at really not knowing who the killer among the characters is. The new killer could be somebody outside the protagonists who they do not even know.

The Scream franchise has always been the type of horror comedy that understands its stereotypes. The films are self-aware of their tropes and still end up having fans on the edge of their seats. The absurdness of the franchise combined with the horror makes the films a delight to watch. With the new movie, however, Ghostface is more terrifying than ever before. It is time for new scares from well-known faces with the new year. Scream VI releases on March 10, and it has the potential to revamp the slasher series as a whole.

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